Sunday, June 9, 2013

Transparency Tweak

Amherst Town Flag, Town Hall

So better late than never, the village that -- like President Obama -- wants to be known for transparency has uploaded to our award winning town website all town employee salaries, mimicking the 18 month old state program known as "Open Checkbook."

Well, all town employees -- but that does not include the public schools who eat up the lions share of our $68 million budget.

Northampton, our sister city to the west, has been doing this for years now and of course my readers will note I uploaded both schools and town salaries a couple months ago.

And yes it still attracts a fair number of hits.  And will continue to do so since folks seem more interested in the schools than the town.

Editor's note: opening sentence contains sarcasm


Anonymous said...

Is there no way to find out individual ARPS employees' salaries?

Larry Kelley said...

Click on "both schools and town" in this article.

Tom McBride said...

When I saw the email from the town yesterday it made it sound like Amherst was being ahead of the curve on this issue, but according to what Larry said, it sounds like we're behind the curve, and it wasn't actually Amherst that came up with idea in the first place, it came from the state.