Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Secret Revealed

War Memorial Pool
Sunday morning update 11:00 AM:
Pool did not open yesterday due to high levels of chlorine but did open this morning.  Yeah.

Saturday morning update 10:20 AM:
War Memorial Pool did not open for 10:00 AM as chlorine levels spiked during the overnight.  Facility director Alan Snow is currently working his chemical magic and reports the pool should still open today.  Although that can't help with consumer confidence.  


Original Post:
Pssst, don't tell anyone but the town's two main outdoors pools open for business today just in time for, well, summer.  As you may remember last year the War Memorial Pool, after a $200,000 makeover, missed the opening date by a week or so.

War Memorial Pool was filled Thursday

The Mill River Pool and wader opened last week for a school function so they are ahead of schedule.
 DPW worker paints the Groff Park Wading Pool

Neither of the stand alone wading pools will be ready to host children however.  I'm told Groff Park should be open Tuesday and War Memorial wading pool by Friday, but my source is none too optimistic about how long the 50+ year old facility will last.

 War Memorial Wading Pool this morning looking a tad forlorn

Two years ago Town Meeting appropriated $200,000 for the War Memorial Pool renovation but then a state grant rained down money from the heavens.  The funds has been sitting in an account collecting dust ever since.

Amherst formed a "Community Field Study Group" that seemed to like the idea of turning the War Memorial wading pool into a splash park, which is cheaper to operate (no lifeguards needed) and uses water a lot more efficiently.  But most of all is easy get up and running each season. 

And that $200,000 stashed away would more than cover the cost. 


Anonymous said...

It would be so helpful if LSSE or the town web sites could provide currently info on the status of the pools and when they will open.
... maybe that is asking too much
(last year, after LSSE changed the pool hours, they never updated the listed hours on their web site to let people know).

Anonymous said...

The outdoor pools seem to have some real management challenges. Here's hoping that this year goes better than last.

Anonymous said...

When I went by War Memorial Pool today, I heard that the WM wading pool needs some serious repairs (new pipes) before it can be opened..... the Groff Park wading pool is scheduled to open Wed this week.

Larry Kelley said...

All the more reason to turn it into a spray park.

Anonymous said...

and maybe the town could do some renovations of the playground while they are at it. it needs some tlc.

Larry Kelley said...


I stood on top of the old metal slippery slide to get a photo of the pool. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

said with an obnoxious and spoiled 8th grade mean-girl face and voice:

"Just open the wading pools and the playground! I don't get what's so hard about that!"