Monday, February 18, 2008

'Vagina' exposed

Jere Hochman, Superintendent
Mark Jackson, Principal ARHS
RE: Public Documents Request ‘VM’

Could I please get an accounting of the number of tickets sold for the recent performance of The Vagina Monologues at Amherst Regional High school, and a breakdown of how many were “student” tickets and how many full-fare “adult” tickets.

Could I also get any overhead costs associate with the production (police for instance) and any monies paid out to presenters during the week of workshops at the School leading up to the play.

Larry Kelley


O'Reilly said...


The title of this post "'Vagina' exposed" wouldn't make it past the censors of the motion picture movie board.

Will you post the response you get from Hockman? Does your request have the same authority as a FOIA he required to give you the information?

EndlessChris said...

Now I know why they had breathalyzers at the front door. Because I'd have to be drunk to want to see a bunch of teenagers pretending to have any knowledge whatsoever of social gender issues taking part in a production intended to shock people in 1996.

Somebody tell these kids if they really cared they'd sell their ipods and give the money to a battered woman's shelter.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, in Massachusetts it is called the Public Record law (that I have used fairly often). It is a sister law to FOI.

Already heard from Jackson (actually checks his email on a holiday, no less) and he said they would get back to me next week with the info (according to the law they have ten days).

Good point Chris, but watch out. You're going to upset a few pimple faced teeenagers.