Friday, February 15, 2008

Day of Destruction

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The C-word is inappropriate in any context. The responsible thing to do would be to replace it with any other benign word, it will not hinder the performance, it just won't perpetuate a very derogatory word. If I were Principal, and I heard this word mentioned in the hallway, that child would be suspended, or if someone referred to my wife, or daughter,or friend in that context, I would have an issue with that.

Words matter sir.

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Mr. Xxxxxx

I have been receiving your emails but thought you should hear from Mr. Jackson, so I forwarded your email to him. Words do matter and as you note, so does context. This is not a hallway or walking through the mall. This is a performance and those participating and those attending know its context and made a choice to participate - with their parents permission.

Jere Hochman

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I believe Jane Fonda used the word in "context" yesterday and all Hell broke lose. Let's just say you did have the balls to simply omit "Reclaiming Cunt" Monologue (ironic that it would now show courage NOT to do something) do you really think Ms. Ensler--after the fiasco yesterday on 'The Today Show' --would file suit?


UPDATE: 9:30 AM. Just noticed AOL has Fonda's use of the "slur" as the #1 of Top Five Video Clips. I still remember four years ago when The Today Show gave Enlser and the little 17-year-old ARHS girl 8 minutes of live fawning attention and I got 11 taped seconds. Yeah, fair and balanced they are.


Baer Tierkel said...

Larry, I love how you use the word 'balls' in everyday public communication, but go ballistic over the word 'cunt' in a performance whose purpose is to show the double standard in society around women's vs. men's bodies is a problem for ya. You're proving Ensler's whole point.

I'm not sure if you realize that you're the best PR Vagina Monologues could have.

LarryK4 said...

Hmmm...So Baer it's okay for teenaged girls--you know the ones who could not go to see "When Harry Met Sally" at a Movie theater without an adult guardian--to use the word "cunt" repeatedly in "public communication" (and I'm sure the folks attending tonight’s production slightly outnumber the daily--but devotional--readers of my blog); B-U-T you take issue with my use of the word "balls"? Must be that California influence still in ya.

Yeah, Ensler doesn’t need my help with PR. Jane Fonda gave her TONS of it yesterday with her use of the word on ‘The Today Show.”

Obviously her reclamation project failed!