Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Only In The Happy Valley

Naturally Amherst was what my Professor wife calls a statistical outlier in the primary election by supporting Mr. Obama so overwhelmingly compared to winner (by a comfortable margin) Mrs. Clinton, with Northampton—also not surprising—a fairly close second.

Interestingly in both liberal enclaves McCain beat Romney handily. Democratic ballots cast in both municipalities outnumbered Republicans by almost 10-1.

So like the Marine withdrawal from the Chosin Reservoir, heavily outnumbered doesn’t mean outclassed.


O'Reilly said...

Let's leave 'class' out of it, this is politics.

McCain is a military guy. I trust him to know HOW to use the military I'm just concerned about whether he knows WHEN.

He's promised to stay in Iraq for 100 years if that's what it takes. I think our mission is mostly done; WMD threat gone, Saddam dead, democracy installed. What are we still doing there?

He also acknowledges a paucity of understand about macro economics.... it's not his thing. Call me crazy but something worries me about a guy who is for more war and less jobs.

ARHS Class of 1976 said...

Why are people so worked up about the 100 years comment? It's ben 60+ in Germany and Japan, nobody (even in Amherst) calls it an occupation and wrings hands over a pull-out, and the presence - welcomed by our hosts - serves a strategic purpose appreciated by our allies. Who would argue that having US bases in a strategically important area of the volatile middle east (as we have had, thank goodness, in Turkey for years) is a bad idea? Well, HRC for one: she brags that she'll vacate the bases as a matter of principal. Margaret Thatcher would have been hooted out of the house of Commons for so foolish a statement.