Monday, February 11, 2008

Reclaiming Dignity

The venerable Amherst Bulletin has gotten over their squeamishness about using “Vagina” in a headline. No BIG deal, as I have repeatedly stated I have no problem at all with THAT word.

Vagina-less Headline

But just to test my crusty friends in the journalistic bricks and mortar world (at least their cyber counterpart) I left a comment on the story almost as soon as it went cyber, late Thursday. Ummm…No I will not now repeat the words as I consider this blog rated PG.

Let’s just say they were disgusting hateful “fighting words” including the particular one (C-word rhythms with bunt) that I am so agitated about.

The response lasted about 14 hours and after one clueless Amherst woman posted a complaint about my “profanity,” the comment disappeared.

Last night I reposted “Reclaiming C#nt” Monologue in its one paragraph entirety. Let’s see if the Amherst Bulletin can handle that. And if not, makes you wonder why they would give this “art” such fawning Front Page exposure.

Vagina Headline


O'Reilly said...

"Gravitas", that's good right?

Is say to hell with Emily Dickinson. We want Eve Ensler as our town poet in residence.

LarryK4 said...

Don't give them any ideas!

Of course we could just start the rumor that Miss Emily was gay. After all, she did write rather passionate letters to female friends (some probably hand delivered by my great, great grandfather)

O'Reilly said...

Start that rumor it'd be a done deal.

O'Reilly said...

strike that.