Friday, February 15, 2008

The Battle Heats Up

UPDATE: 11:30 AM
Funny as Hell. Just went to Gazettenet and noticed an article about 'VM' and the restrictions over tonight's performance including breathalyzer. Both the kiddies and some of their irresponsible, idiot parents are whining.

The hilarious part is my ad posted above is the only ad to appear on the article page (but apparently they rotate them). And thus far it is the "most emailed article" and "most popular". Must be my blog.

Just talked to Amherst PD and yes there will be two police officers present tonight for security and no they did not do a bomb sweep (not that they have anything to fear from me....well, physically that is). And the Regional Schools are even paying for the two officers. Four years ago they had four (and only paid for two) and back then they also performed a bomb sweep a few hours before production.

My friend Paolo over at our Sister City the 'Northamptonist' just sent me the link to last night's Letterman take on the Catastrophic Cunt episode on 'The Today Show'. Freaken Letterman can't even bring himself to use the word "Vagina!" Hilarious! Damn, we should invite him to tonight's performance.
Letterman's top ten


Greg said...

Larry --

I just waded into the fray over on the Local Buzz blog:

Wanted to give you a heads up, since I mention you a number of times. Would be more than happy to post your comments.


Greg Saulmon

LarryK4 said...

Thanks Greg. You know I love to comment.

O'Reilly said...


I loved your column. You are right on the money on so many issues and your prose is so fluid and easy. Kudos, kudos.

What a bizarre development. That people attending the play must make himself or herself subject to an alcohol consumption test.

We have no 4th amendment rights; we have only 1st amendment rights. And those 1st amendment rights are asserted without respect to other essential elements such as adult-led forums that make the difference between an educational experience and a shocking and potentially traumatic exposure to a world full of rape, genital mutilation and reclaiming the word "cunt".

On what grounds does the high school think it can administer breathalyzers? What a screwed up town... seriously screwed up.

O'Reilly said...


Do you want to take a run at the editorial in the Amherst Bulletin?

It would be easy game for you.

maryd said...

The clip was great!
Heck, they even bleeped it at 11:30 at night!

LarryK4 said...

And notice Ensler just sits there smiling like she's in her own little world (which, of course, she is)