Friday, February 15, 2008

And so it begins...

6:50 PM
They're lining up as though it were a Broadway premiere. Out front is a police officer (1 0f 2) at $40 or so an hour, Dave Keenan's brother Mark (a campus monitor--whatever the hell that is) and High School Principal Mark Jackson at 90-K per year asking folks if they have tickets. Gee, Mark couldn't you find a pimple-faced 17-year-old to do that for minimum wage?


StudentLiberator said...

You act as if Mark Keenan plays a small part in the steady and safe operation of Amherst Regional High School, without actually realizing he is essential to keeping the students safe and in line. As a student at the high school, I must admit that I should be predisposed to seeing Keenan as the enemy, however I do not. Although he is responsible for the discipline of students leaving school campus, he is also responsible for making sure no unwanted strangers find their way into the high school. Keenan is also always present to kindly welcome students into the school in the morning, with a hearty "good morning"

Both Mark Keenan and Mark Jackson work long days (Mr. Jackson arriving at 5 in the morning and staying late into the evening) to ensure that each school day goes on without a hitch. These men deserve to be respected, and they have no reason to hire a "pimple-faced 17-year-old to do that for minimum wage" as you so immaturely remarked, when they are entirely capable of doing so themselves.

I wonder what your obsession with censoring the students at our high school stems from, especially considering your yearning to have people hear your (often) far fetched and (always) un-optimistic opinions about the current state of events in Amherst. Censorship is the most widely practiced form of oppression in our world to day, and you are working vigorously as an oppressor in our community. Life is too short to focus only on what you don't like, live your life the way you wish. No human being has the right to force his or her opinions upon another human being (regardless of political leanings). Our forefathers worked hard to fight oppression, and gain a government that supported freedom for all citizens living within its borders.

I respectfully would like to ask you to consider everything with an open mind and keep sharing your ideas, but not shoving them down the throats of all the members of our community. I am glad you have opinions you can stand behind, but they are yours and not mine. If I don't want to live under your rules, regulations and values than I shouldn't have to. I have been told (though I cannot confirm this to be a truth, which is why I ask you) that you are responsible for the restrictions on all the students wishing to attend the performance of the Vagina Monologues. If this is indeed true you have done precisely this, then I am afraid that your cause is even more forlorn than I thought.

I hope you will consider my words,
The Student Liberator

P.S. I understand that you have a daughter that will possibly be attending ARHS in the next few years. I hope for her sake that you have disbanded this blog or in the very least become more composed in your opposition of the majority of people who are residents of Amherst and its surrounding towns. I say this because if you do not, your widespread unpopularity will be passed directly to your daughter (which I could only hope, but not guarantee will remain non-violent and strictly be limited to complete abhorrence). Even if your daughter shares no common ground with you, the name you have made for your self will surely trickle down to her.

LarryK4 said...

Well, since you sound like a 17-year-old pimple faced twit I'm not worried about your implied threat to my daughter. Because even now at age 6--about to test for her Yellow Belt--she could probably kick your sorry, scrawny ass.

Amherst is the ONLY public school in Massachusetts (probably the nation) to perform ‘The Vagina Monologues’ ostensibly because it reduces “violence against women” and yet you—obviously an insider—threaten my young daughter? Hmmm.

Just for the record: (and blogs are Public Records) if you EVER--even remotely--threaten my daughter again, I WILL hunt you down. Promise!

StudentLiberator said...

Sir, i have absolutely no intention of hurting any one in any way shape or form, but i was simply telling you that your outspokenness will reflect badly upon your daughter who will soon find herself experiencing the social rigors of highschool life. I DEARLY hope that NO harm should ever come upon your daughter for any reason whatsoever and was not suggesting in the slightest that anyone should or has any right to do anything violent to your daughter.

I am a pacifist, and i apologize for giving any other feeling to you. I believe no one deserves to have their child hurt as a result of their actions, and must reiterate that I have absolutely no intentions of doing so.

LarryK4 said...

Isn't it past your bedtime? Oh, I forgot, no school tomorrow.

StudentLiberator said...

I don't really want to make this into a petty fight, I just wanted to share my interpretation of the situation with you. I find that despite the fact you are criticizing my maturity in your most recent entry, when you continue to post ageist comments in both of your responses as well as your original post.

"HATEFUL CONTENT: Users may not publish material that promotes hate toward groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, AGE, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity."

You really aren't that clever, and I don't see why you are wasting your time typing one line come-backs to a "17-year-old pimple faced twit"(I have no acne, and never have).

Lets get off on a new foot so we can discuss more important issues, and be mature about it (no more name calling would fit the bill) and I will do my best to rid my posts of off-putting uncertainty.

Joseph said...

Wow Larry, you could have done a much better job in this little debate. Reading the whole string I'd say you were trounced!

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, spoken like a true teenager.

StudentLiberator said...

Thanks joseph, but i must say every post Larry makes confirms more and more that he has no interest in respecting anyone who doesn't agree with him.