Monday, March 28, 2011

Party Street of the Weekend: Phillips St.

10:30 AM

Amherst Police Department's crack down on rowdy students behavior continued this past weekend with an escalation of tactics: rather than issue $300 tickets for alcohol violation perps were arrested, cuffed and thrown in jail.

And with a shift to "sector" saturation greater police presence (both APD and UMass police) occurred all around the Gateway corridor--especially Phillips Street, Nuting Avenue and North Pleasant Street as well as the usual suspects, Hobart Lane and Sunset/Lincoln Avenues.

In all Amherst Police arrested over 25 college-age students rather than issuing a $300 ticket--mostly for "open container" and "underage drinking" violations. One more arrested for Driving Under the Influence and only one $300 ticket issued for "open container" and two for "noise" violations.

With a $10,000 state grant providing for additional police overtime, expect greater police presence on weekends between now and graduation.

Bad boys bad boys, whatcha going to do
whatcha going to do when they come for you?


Anonymous said...

It's to bad they can't include AFD coverage in that grant. They will be busy transporting partiers over the bridge on the nice spring nights, leaving the rest of the town vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

OMG- that is a street in Amherst?

Makes Hobart look like paradise.

Why is squalor allowed at Pomeroy cohousing? Living room furniture left outside all winter- junk/ kids toys/ yard crap left *everywhere*- A healh and fire hazard
and Folks say students are the problem???

LarryK4 said...

One of the four kids busted over the weekend for burglary lives there.

cinder jonze said...

how is that a health or fire hazard. there is no law banning couchs from the exterior. you are right though, kill the kids toys, those children might grow up to be umas students

I remember many parties at cindas properties that never got busted. one night own of those partiers took a dump in my backyard. I knocked on their door the next morning, calmly informed the tenants and they came and cleaned it up. later Cinda burned the house down, literally, a proceeded to turn it into a junkyard. go look back behind 185 Sunderland road

Anonymous said...

Amherst kids getting busted again, most likely to support a habit since they've been arrested before. I hope that the HS principal will think about what is NOT being done to help kids stay off drugs. They turn a blind eye to it, starting at the MS.

Anonymous said...

A fire hazard to have exits blocked with couches, furniture, benches, holiday decorations, Christmas lights, lawn ornaments and the contents of Toys R Us and Wal*Mart

A health hazard because rodents will nestle and build nests among the junk- soaking wet soiled couches and chairs will be a source of mold.

Most members of cohousing do not want to live in squalor- but have no choice who their neighbors are!

(The kid lives on Pomeroy Court- that's a street. Cohousing is Pomeroy Lane)

Anonymous said...

Larry, F*** you and your town too.

When YOU get harassed for driving back from the law library just because you have a UM parking decal on your car, you will change your mind -- and I really am going to file porno charges against the Bulletin -- I don't need that crap in my mailbox...

LarryK4 said...

Wow, first time I ever heard the Bully being charged with distributing porno (you may want to spend a L-O-T more time in the "law library" in order to make that charge stick.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of porno- the Gazette has info on two sex offenders in Amherst-
If the first guy mentioned is 160lbs-
my name is Twiggy

LarryK4 said...

And the other one is 5' 3" 225 pounds. That too does not look correct.