Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let the sun shine

Ye Old Landfill 1:55 PM

Okay, so unlike his predecessor--that PR challenged guy who flew the coop not too long ago--Town Manager John Musante really gets PR. Although I think he goes a tad overboard with the spin-like intro that Amherst will be a "leader in our region on solar energy," when Athol has beaten us to the punch. Yes, Athol.

But BlueWave Capital is certainly a well-connected, heavy-hitter, as their lead principal John DeVillars is a former environmental affairs secretary for Mike Dukakis who worked his way up to (federal) EPA regional honcho.

And the current Governor seems to be into all things solar and is putting those all important tax credits behind that enthusiasm (at taxpayer expense).

Our modest solar start


Anonymous said...

Tax credits aren't at taxpayers expense. It's not like you are being asked to pay into it. It's just that no taxes are paid. The same no taxes as if it wasn't even built. It's a hell of a better deal than the government builds something at Big Dig costs that you get taxed to pay for.

Anonymous said...

electro solar will only pollute the environment overall vs energy produced over lifetime

passive solar or geothermal is better

nothing will ever put a dent in oil and coal.
unless they roll out free (zero point) energy and anti-gravity. because of the firmly entrenched fascist overlay of government and corporation, all of the critical discoveries for humanity are patented by private entities. it is there, and we ain't gettin it... we need to guzzle more oil siphon our savings to big banks who are systematically deindustrializing the USA while squeezing out the middle class.

Anonymous said...

a "leader in our region on solar energy,"

A leader, not the leader. There's room for more than one. And we've got more athols than they do to.

Anonymous said...

where only the hole is silent