Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here's to you Cpl Frank Buckles

America's last veteran of World War 1: "The war to end all wars."

By Presidential decree


Dale said...

I salute and thank all the men and women that gave so selfishly for our country.
~Rest in Peace Cpl. Buckles~

Anonymous said...

Cpl. Buckles was truly a remarkable man. Not simply because he managed to out live others but because he heeded his call to duty and overcame the obstacles to doing so.

I supported having his body lie in state at the capitol.


Joseph Moroco said...

Boy was that a dumb war. Same old salesmanship though. "The war to end all wars." It wasn't, but our good man would have been a chickenhawk in that one as well.

Dale said...

You know, why can't people like you just shut your yaps just once. This post was to show respect for a man who served our country and died. Is it to much to ask for you just to stay away I'm sure you wouldn't have to search to far to find a blog of like minded people that you can share your ideas with with great appreciation. Here is not the time or the place for you.

LarryK4 said...

Well said.

Joseph Moroco said...

My Dear Sir,

I gave you a pass. Just look at your words, "I salute and thank all the men and women that gave so selfishly."

By the way, unlike Larry, and I am guessing you, I gave selfishly. I drank the Kool Aid during the Viet Nam era. I requested more than once to be reassigned. I thank God that it was turned down.

I have a lot of high school classmates who didn't come back alive. All the thanks is cheap talk. Maybe you are still of age and might want to consider giving "selfishly."

dale said...

I do stand corrected you are right with my notation it should have been "un-selfishly". As far as "I gave you a pass" save it I like many others don't take grammer nazi's seriously. They tend to miss all the messages trying to belittle the grammaticlly challenged, this is not a spelling bee LOL. I stand by my comment as far as not the right place or the right place.
So let's all just sit back, relax, and have a tall glass of cherry koolaid. 70 degrees today whooohoooo!

Dale said...

Oh crap here we go again. Should have been "right time or the right place". Ha, beat you to that on but I'm sure there's more for you to pick through LOL!
I also wanted to comment that I am truly sorry for your lost friends, and am happy you were able to return home. I in no way want to sound as if am trying to belittle your situation or experiece at all.
God Bless,,,

Anonymous said...

My God, what a silly place this is.