Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Capture the flag

Perhaps the Select Board should have figured it out when not a single citizen bothered to enter the "design an official Amherst flag" contest last November and only with extra PR outreach did they manage a hand full of designs.

Obviously Alisa Brewer is tiring of the typical Amherst process for getting things done. Now she can appreciate how the typical entrepreneur feels when trying to open a business in Amherst, only to get exhausted jumping through all the hoops.
The Children's Memorial Flag will fly once again at Town Hall in April under the, umm, UN flag.

Flags are powerful symbols--for good (Old Glory) or evil (Nazi swastika). This "contest" is indeed a telling symbol of 'All Things Amherst'.

For a better view of all six entries click this link


Dale said...

Your right, I hope they now truly understand what it is like to try and open any business in Amherst. Ms. Brewer now needs to take her emotions and apply them to the permit proccess we currently have. If she thinks she's frustrated over a flag, imagine how people feel when they want to open a business here to try and earn a living. I like the comment about having the girl scouts design it because it really doesn't matter. Hmmm, maybe Bach can help us out here LOL, just kidding take it easy!!

me again said...

thanks Dale. if I had known about it I would have gladly entered. in fact if they just commissioned me for the job, even if it was a meager amount, I would consider that a big enough concilatory gesture to drop the rest of my gripes.

I am serious, put the word out to the appropriate parties and let's make it happen.


cinda said...

fyi that Holyoke Range with tree design was mine. :)

Anonymous said...

oh the tangled web we weave


Anonymous said...

I've got a cool idea for an Amherst town flag: a field of red and white horizontal stripes, with a blue square at the fly decorated with white stars. Think that would fly in Amherst?

LarryK4 said...

On 9/11 they would only fly once every five years.

Although this coming one is an "allowed" anniversary.