Friday, March 25, 2011

A better place to be

My darling daughter Kira only transferred to Crocker Farm Elementary School on Monday, and since then she's assisted with after school "Horse Lovers Club" on Wednesday afternoon and tonight--again with her little sis--attended their first "Friday Night Social" for a couple hours of games, food, music, and hanging out with new found friends.

About sixty kids congregated in the gymnasium and a dozen or so more too cool for organized play roamed the halls. Parents met in the cafeteria for food and conversation.

Superintendent Maria Geryk seemed to enjoy her busman's holiday, and trying to keep up with her children.


Anonymous said...

No surprise. It's been a great school for generations of kids.

Anonymous said...

excellent, thanks for sharing! it warms the heart to learn a child has an appreciation for animals too.


LarryK4 said...

No problem. I actually had a ball just watching.

My daughter Kira is what is affectionately known as a "barn rat" at the Horse Farm (and younger sis Jada is a barn rat in the making)

Anonymous said...

heh heh... my facebook addiction is showing because i was looking for the "like" button to your comment.

imo, growing up around animals usually makes for a well rounded adult.