Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Party House of the Weekend

 858 E. Pleasant Street, Friday around midnight

As officers noted in their "Statement of Facts", 858 East Pleasant Street is located in a traditional residential neighborhood  -- albeit somewhat close to UMass --  made up of single family homes that a generation ago were actually occupied by your basic American nuclear family.

Although it really doesn't matter where you are located these days, since obviously somebody was bothered by all the noise.

And just as a generation ago, when a police officer tells you to shut down the loud party do not leave them standing in the cold as you continue to party.  Otherwise you will be arrested, like these four young ladies:

Elizabeth H. Galeucia, 22, 7 Gibbon Road, Hopkinton; Serena A. Seferian, 21, 10 Augustus Road, Lexington; Jillian Simmons, 22, 85 Glen Meadow Dr, Northford, CT;  and Julia S. Tomaszewski, 22, 217 May Street, Worcester.

In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Tuesday before Judge John Payne Jr.,  all four women represented themselves, and had pleas of "not guilty" automatically entered in their behalf.

But they all turned down the prosecution's standard offer of a deal:  Criminal charge diverted to Civil charge with payment of the town's Noise Bylaw $300 fine.   Their cases were continued to January 23rd.

In other Amherst related action this morning in Eastern Hampshire District Court, a noise/nuisance case settled by Judge Payne last month was heard by another magistrate (one defendant must have changed his mind), Judge Patricia Poelher.

John L. Tremblay now argued that the officers were dispatched to another Salem Place unit (#16) and then came upon his party (#17) and arrested him for noise and nuisance.

The prosecutor read the police report that stated the original complaint cited noise in the "area of apartment #16".  The Judge then said the caller could still have been referring to his party since the term "area" was used.  Mr. Tremblay then told the Judge that his apartment (#17) is in a "completely different apartment building" than #16, making it sound like it was far removed.

Judge Poelher bought it, and the original $300 fine was reduced to zero.  But she did say somewhat sternly:  "Your neighbors have lives ... they work for a living.  Someday you're going to be in their position."

Trembley responded politely "Yes your Honor," then left the courtroom wearing a Cheshire Cat smile.

#17 Salem Place

Of course I couldn't resist measuring the distance between apartment #16 and #17 located in adjacent cramped buildings.  About 25 yards, across an open paved lot. 


Anonymous said...

You measured the distance between the buildings? So you could post it on a blog? That's completely nuts. Obsessive compulsive doesn't begin to describe it.

Larry Kelley said...

No not just the buildings, the actual apartments.

I am nothing if not thorough.

Anonymous said...

You seem mad that he evaded the fine

Larry Kelley said...

I don't get mad ...

Dr. Ed said...

I'm glad that the young ladies have enough balls to challenge this -- and I suspect that if the town is stupid enough to pursue this -- which I have no doubt the town is -- those young ladies aren't going to have any student loan debt when this is all over.

I think that Amherst has made the same mistake with them that UMass made with me -- there are some people who who aren't looking for trouble -- but whom you are going to have to kill to silence.And if you are stupid enough to do that, there are going to be people upset about it and aware that you've declared such tactics to be acceptable -- and you won't like the consequences.

Anonymous said...

No, obsessive compulsive would be if he had measured it five times!

Anonymous said...

Ignore Ed and he'll go away.

Anonymous said...

Hello Larry,
Thank you for your sad and desperate concern writing this article about 22 year old women trying to enjoy themselves and their youth. That party, as so you call it, was actually a "potluck dinner". I commend your efforts to bring others down while you wallow in your loneliness. All charges have been dropped due to corrupt police men and their over compensation :)

Best regards to you and yours... oh wait. Best regards to you.*

858 E. Pleasant "Party House" Tenants.

Larry Kelley said...

Yeah, after watching how perps get treated in court I'm not surprised.

Just behave yourself this spring, as police do not like to be called "corrupt."

Best regards to you Ms. Simmons.