Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Thanksgiving Tradition

 Volunteers young and old help make the Senior Center Thanksgiving go smoothly

Public safety personnel -- God bless them -- are not the only ones working today in the little college town of Amherst (now with the school break, thankfully, feeling a bit less like a college town). 

For the 32nd consecutive year Nancy Pagano, Amherst Senior Center Director, coordinated a sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner at the downtown Bangs Community Center, serving 90 in-house and another 60 via meals on wheels.

 90 folks served at Bangs Center and another 60 in their homes

Or 150 people who otherwise would have had to fend for themselves on this day designed for camaraderie.

Six 25+ pound turkeys went into the mix

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful. What kind people.