Saturday, November 2, 2013

Frisky Friday

AFD and APD respond to report of car vs pedestrian town center 1:10 AM

Unfortunately rowdy behavior in the jurisdictional area of the Amherst Police Department ratcheted up a notch or two last night -- at least compared to Wednesday, where the rowdy "celebration" after the Red Sox win was limited to the UMass campus, and a surprisingly quiet Halloween on a drizzly Thursday.

Most of the huge crowds undulating around town last night were dressed in costumes, however. 

Amherst police had a powerful presence fielding at least seven vehicles including the Personal Transport Vehicle (not to be confused with Paddy Wagon) and UMass cruisers were also highly visible in areas immediately adjacent to the UMass campus

Like last night Amherst Fire Department was pushed almost to the breaking point having once again the need to call Northampton FD for assistance.  Naturally that NFD ambulance was in response to an intoxicated male. 

Around midnight police swooped in to break up loud parties at 240 Northampton Road (Rt 9) and 165 College Street, making over a half dozen arrests.  While on site officers took note of a lack of working smoke detectors at the Northampton Road address which resulted in an attempted inspection visit by AFD Chief Tim Nelson.

The Personal Transport Vehicle loading up at 165 College Street around midnight

The remaining inhabitants (who had not been arrested) refused to allow the Chief to enter the premises. 

Other byproducts of alcohol abuse also were overly evident as well:  fighting, injuries via falls, and -- most disturbing -- a young woman assaulted on Sunset Court, dead in the center of all the youthful revelry.

 Sunset Court, immediately adjacent to Umass

 At 1:10 AM a coordinated swift response from both police and fire converged on the intersection of Kellogg Avenue and North Pleasant Street for the report of a car vs pedestrian collision.   Turns out the pedestrian, a youth dressed as a cowboy, jumped on the car.

Dispatch relayed a call for help around 1:15 AM from a male Reporting Party saying he's "bleeding from every orifice" after an altercation with another young man near Rao's Coffee.  The first officer on the scene confirmed a head gash from a punch but added dryly, "most of his orifices are just fine."

AFD loading up an intoxicated student at the Visitors Center, Mass Ave

 A few minutes later AFD responded to Townhouse Apartments on Meadow Street in North Amherst for a "bulimic intoxicated college aged woman who was vomiting."  When the ambulance arrived they called back to dispatch for police backup because there were so many people milling about. 

And to top of the evening/early morning (1:57 AM) an intoxicated college age female in a 4th floor bathroom of Pierpont Dorm, throwing up; and a brief fist fight on North Pleasant Street near Butterfield Terrace that attracted a swarm of police cars.


Anonymous said...

is driving and filming the same as driving and texting? you might cause an accident and kill someone…

Larry Kelley said...

It's called a dash cam, nitwit.

Anonymous said...

I must say I've been very disappointed and somewhat revolted by the example set by my beloved Red Sox of late. Their excessive emphasis on and use of alcohol as the central means of celebrating together has seemed really irresponsible to me; especially given that it has taken place on such a public stage. The media chuckles along as Ortiz pours a $150,000 bottle of champagne over the heads of his beer swigging teammates or while Lackey pops a can of Bud Light at 10 AM in the morning while participating in a parade through the public streets of Boston. And we sit here wondering what's wrong with the values of our youth??? Or how the culture of binge drinking has gotten so romanticized and out of control??? We're appalled at our atheletes' use of performance enhancing drugs, railing about what a dangerous and tantalizing influence they may be having on our younger generation and then give a wink and a nod to their televised abuse of the most widely used and easily accessible drug of all??? There's something obviously wrong with this picture.

Anonymous said...

The world's smallest violin playing just for you :)

Anonymous said...

Cut it out! What do you thing Babe Ruth drank? Ovaltine? How's about The Mick? Didn't become an alcoholic with a collander for a liver from sipping on herbal tea.

Do you even want to start talking about cocoaine? Rock Raines' deviated septum may be evidence of that...Steve Howe who? Dizzy Dean won 30 on LSD. How about greenies? PED's?

You, Sir/Maam have no clue about the history of baseball. C'mon Larry...give that guy a "nitwit" for us all.

Larry Kelley said...

Two wrongs don't make a right.

Neither does five.

Anonymous said...

Really, are you for real. Let's give the "kids" a pass because they see the baseball players drinking. C'mon, I grew up watching sports and movie stars drink and smoke and I didn't behave like these privileged punks, I was too busy fighting in a war at age 19.

Anonymous said...

Actually Dizzy Dean was out of baseball several years before LSD was discovered.

Anonymous said...

To whoever commented you were too busy fighting in a war at 19:
lucky for my generation that yours started SO many that i JUST CANT pick one to fight in!!!! imagine that!!! thanks guys!