Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pine Street Stabbing

 66 Pine Street

Accused slasher Noah Kelly Pfister made a brief appearance this morning in Eastern Hampshire District Court before Judge John M.Payne Jr.,  and by way of his attorney Thomas Whitney entered a plea of "not guilty" to the charge of "assault with a dangerous weapon."

He remained seated the entire time, letting his attorney do all the talking.  Two Amherst Police detectives sat close by.

The case was continued to this Friday at 11:00 AM to give the prosecution time to coordinate the testimony of three witnesses -- the victim (Henry Lancaster-Goguen), an Amherst police officer, and one bystander present that night.

The 58-A hearing is a "Motion for Pre-Trial Detention" (under MGL 276) made by the prosecution to declare Mr. Pfister "dangerous" and should be held in jail until trial.  Until then he remains in police custody and Mr. Pfister was escorted back to jail by Detective Tina Knightly. 

Defense Attorney Whitney told the Judge he would be calling two witnesses present that night. In addition he requested from the prosecution copies of photos and videos taken during the investigation and audio of the 911 call.

 Reading between the lines of the "Statement of Facts," safe bet the defense will be "self defense."


Anonymous said...

And yet another knife incident tonight.. I heard police saying they had him at gunpoint before arresting him

Dr. Ed said...

My many critics might want to think about the possibility that I might have actually prevented some rather bad things from happening. Things as bad as this -- and worse.

Just sayin....

And had I known the price I would pay -- the cumulative price for all the times I "did the right thing" -- I like to think I still would have but doubt it. And remember that this started way back with that faculty sexual misconduct issue that was being ignored by a good chunk of the admin until *I* insisted it be dealt with -- because it had to be -- and that was the point at which my academic career stopped being friendly. I did the right thing though...

Anonymous said...

Stab City!