Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Party House of the Weekend

So as I mentioned last week when the house a couple doors down made my pernicious Party House list, these neighborhood single-family homes were actually built for families to live in, and now many have been converted to student housing.

While these particular perps did not throw bottles at police officers they were hardly cooperative when officers arrived after someone in the neighborhood complained about the noise and foot traffic.

All four responsible tenants were issued both noise and nuisance house tickets amounting to $600 in fines.  Interestingly if they had been arrested they would have appeared before Judge Payne yesterday, and he routinely fails to enforce both tickets, allowing the matter to be settled for just $300. 


Anonymous said...

Night of the Living Drunk

Anonymous said...

you used to list or put a link to owners……why don't you do that anymore so we could then find that this landlord…? an attorney owns many properties …you are fine to list victims

Larry Kelley said...

Actually I did put in the link (under the photo of the house). I just forgot to paint it white so it stands out. Hot copy.

Anonymous said...

The owners of this property are John and Lynn Edwards,; they have no relation to the attorney on Main Street

John Edwards
Of Main Street:)