Friday, October 5, 2012

Too Much Information?

Anybody who has covered the rowdy student party scene over the past year should know how weather related the problem is:  the better the weather the larger and more pernicious the parties.

Amherst Town Center 12:00 Noon

Tonight promises to be a summer-like warm and clear -- probably the best Friday night weather since the semester started.  And the weekends have certainly been nothing if not calamitous since the semester began.

Thus I question whether the local newspapers should have mentioned prominently that UMPD and APD beefed up, joint patrols specifically targeting rowdy party houses will start next weekend. 

It does however give me an idea for a twitter hashtag tonight: #LastchanceFriday


Anonymous said...

There's no time like the future?

Doesn't anyone running Amherst have any COMMON SENSE???

Kids in the dorms may have gone home for the long weekend- but the apts/ houses have more reason to party

Anonymous said...

and this will add to the fun next weekend...

"State police announced they plan to run a sobriety checkpoint somewhere in Hampshire County on the evening and early morning of October 13 - 14." (Mass Live)

Larry Kelley said...

They should run them every weekend from the start of the semester until Halloween, and then the last 4 weekends in the spring.