Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DUI Dishonor Role

 Drunk driver jumped curb, hit building, early Saturday morning

The name, address, age and link to a Facebook page I would love to lead with is Missing In Action because the perp managed to slink away -- even though the car rolled off on a front tire flattened by hurtling over a granite curb and hitting a proverbial brick wall.

Anyone who was out late Friday night knows how busy it was (mostly with college aged youths dressed up in Halloween costumes), even after the midnight hour, so I would image there were still a few pedestrians staggering home around 2:33 AM when the drunk driver lost control of his vehicle and slammed into the side of a brick building on Main Street.

After the crash two occupants tumbled out and were picked up and driven back to 675 Main Street by a person they had met earlier at a party on Hobart Lane.   Soon thereafter, someone from that Main Street address called authorities requesting medical attention for two college aged youths who had been "car crash victims".


Hobart Lane, a party house on lower Main Street and a drunk driver ... doesn't it all just fit?  Fortunately the only thing missing is a coroner's sheet.

You got away this time pal, and you probably have driven drunk all too many times before.  But your time is coming.  I just hope it happens before you kill someone.


Cell phone callers reporting a yellow jeep that hit a utility pole at the new Atkins Corner roundabouts led police to the vehicle crashed a second time into a ditch on nearby Bay Road, South Amherst.  Arrested for DUI, driving while unlicensed, operating to endanger and leaving the scene of property damage:
Jeremy Carroll, 23 Hulst Road, Amherst, Ma, age 21


Failing to stop at a stop sign around midnight Saturday, led to the arrest of James Ryan Macgregor, 819 Summer Street, Manchester, NH, age 19 for running the stop sign and DUI.

And Friday around midnight police arrested Robert Danielson, 24 Hillcrest Rd, Burlington, VT, age 23 who appeared to have "blood shot, glassy eyes" and blew a .156% on the Portable Breathalyzer Test but later refused a breath test at APD headquarters.

Note high volume of ETOH (alcohol poisoning) AFD handled last weekend


The Ponziville Karma show. said...

If one of these punks/drunks kills an Amherst insider ~thennnnnnn~ you watch the sh*t hit the fan.

Otherwise it's like, "who cares".

(Niceeeee onnnnne Ponziville, niceeeee onnnnne...)

Anonymous said...

So the occupants of the car that crashed on Main Street face absolutely no charges? Not even for leaving the scene of an accident. From your description, it sounded as though they left their car behind, which seems like it would provide some measure of proof that they were there, especially after they called for medical assistance later.

Larry Kelley said...

It's not illegal to be a passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver or to flee the scene after an accident.

The driver would face charges of "leaving the scene," but he and the car have thus far not been found.

Anonymous said...

Larry, do you honestly think a college kid could make a car "disappear" in Amherst? They don't have the connections, they don't have the resources.

No, this requires the personal connections of a "townie." Someone who has lived in town for a while, who is trying to cover up something that a teenaged son or daughter did. Someone who has a *garage* (which college kids don't have), or who can get it towed somewhere quietly to a commercial garage in the middle of the night.

Further, who says those two kids were even in an accident? Who says it wasn't some drunken fistfight amongst friends that a 110 lb girl broke up, that she was insisting that both of them go to the hospital, and that "auto accident" was the agreed-on description of what happened.

Ask your EMT buddies -- aren't the upper body/face injuries of a fistfight comparable to those sometimes found in a auto crash?