Saturday, October 27, 2012

Deja vu Day

Kira sprints to finish Larch Hill XC Classic this morning 

Alfred Hitchcock said the secret to suspense was to place likable characters in harms way, where the viewing audience knows full well the danger about to descend while the unsuspecting players haven't got a clue.

We all remember the moment we first heard the chilling news that a plane just barrelling into the North Tower, or that shots had been fired on the presidential motorcade.

This morning was a compelling reminder of what my entire family enjoyed the morning of the storm last year: running in the Larch Hill Country XC Classic at Bramble Hill Farm across the street from our house.

Yes, weather reports had warned a storm arrival was imminent, underscored by coagulated clouds of gray overhead -- just like today -- but we were lost in the pleasure of seeing old friends and engaging in a fun, family, fitness oriented activity.

Until loud snapping sound from broken branches filled the air, and eerie blue lights from dying transformers illuminated the night sky.

Tonight when I flip on a light switch and the usual happens, I will also remember.  And be thankful.


Anonymous said...

Great pic Larry!

Larry Kelley said...

Thanks. (It helps to have great material.)

Anonymous said...

Larry, you really won't die without electricity.

Sometimes I do wonder about your problems:

1: College kids having fun.
2: Mother nature taking down trees.
3: Not having working lights.

There are guys over in Afghanistan who have a bit more serious issues to worry about.