Monday, October 15, 2012

Bermuda Triangle For Civility

The first weekend of renewed joint patrols between University Massachusetts PD and Amherst PD has yielded (rotten) fruit as officers on foot patrolling Lincoln Avenue/McClure Street had to dodge a bottle thrown from the bushes by John Moffitt of Andover, MA, age 19, who was arrested for underage drinking and disorderly conduct. 

"Disorderly conduct" is an apt description for that entire area, a kind of town/UMass DMZ border, although -- as usual -- problem houses made their presence known in other areas far from the UMass campus.  Take for instance 120 Amity Street, almost in the center of town.

APD was called at 1:39 AM early Saturday morning to clear a crowd of 150-200 "uncooperative" guests from the "one family" residence and arrested two uncooperative party hosts: Nikoli Sotil, 209 E Granby Rd, Granby, MA, age 21 and Nick Freiter, 257 School St, Taunton, MA, age 21

Police were called to #25 Hobart Lane yet again for a party of 100-150 inside the apartment and another 200 milling around the road in front around 12:30 AM early Saturday morning.  Two residents were issued noise tickets and another cited for underage drinking.

A half hour later on North Pleasant Street, within spitting distance of Hobart Lane, Andy Thach, 7 Olympia Drive, Amherst, MA, age 22 was arrested for disorderly conduct and was noted to be "extremely ETOH" (drunk).

Around that time (1:02 AM) a patrol car was flagged down on Sunset Ave by a female advising the officer another very drunk young man was trying to fight with people and he appeared to have urinated on himself.   After running down Sunset Avenue onto UMass property, he was arrested by UMPD

In the furthermost reaches of North Amherst (1:10 AM) police were breaking up a party at 198 Sunderland Road because of loud noise and with 30-40 guests near the road a car barrelled by almost hitting some in the crowd.

Police chased the gray sedan and pulled it over on Rt 116 (yes, the same highway where a UMass student only weeks away from graduation was killed last year by a drunk driver going the wrong way) and arrested the driver Kevin Chan, 352 Silver Lane, Sunderland, MA for drunk driving.

Also in North Amherst  (2:21 AM) at the intersection of Meadow Street and North Pleasant the commercial center of N. Amherst police arrested Christopher Wade for drunk driving.

And of course what would a weekend of revelry be without Phillips Street?

Early Sunday morning (1:16 AM) police responded yet again to 45 Phillips for a loud stereo and guests up on the roof who were "very uncooperative."  One of the guests tried to prevent the arrest of his brother and he was also arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Arrested for both Noise and Nuisance House:
Ian Reeb, 285 Highland St, Dedham, MA, age 21
Alex Bazin, 112 Country Club Rd, E. Longmeadown, MA, age 20
Joshua Scott, 33 Portulace Dr, Spfld, MA, age 20
Matthew Scott, 33 Portulace Dr, Spfld, MA, age 26
Joseph Dingmann, 814 Shore Rd, Rocassett, MA, age 21

Late Friday around midnight police observed two youthful looking individuals exiting #19 Phillips Street carrying a 12 pack of beer, an address where police had visited previously to speak to tenants about civility.  Both were issued summons for underage possession of alcohol.  

Around midnight Saturday police were called to 84 Sunset Avenue, a one family home actually occupied by a family, for a Breaking & Entering.  Arrested for underage drinking, open container, and destruction of property over $250 in value:

Joseph Murphy, 6227 82nd St, Middle Village, NY, age 19
Amasith Phrommavanh, 5 Fawn Circle, Old Saybrook, CT, age 18

51 Phillips Street Monday morning. Rooftop party remains.

 AFD kept busy at our institutes of higher education with ETOH (passed out drunk) and  false fire alarms

AFD Mid October Weekend 


Anonymous said...

Amity St story has a fair amount of fallacies, but what else is new.

Larry Kelley said...

Well I had an awful lot of ground to cover in not a heck of a lot of time this morning.

But feel free to make corrections.

The Amity Street story was not, by itself, all that interesting.

Anonymous said...

I am not quite sure the legality of posting the picture of 51 phillips st. Please be assured that it will be looked into. There was absolutely NO party that took place, furthermore there was one box on the roof, not exactly the remnants of a "party" . The rest of the yard was perfectly clean, as well as the porch. Perhaps the writer of this blog should fact check before posting falsities?

Larry Kelley said...

Looked beer related to me.

And 51 Phillips has been the scene of a cited party in the past.

Phillips Street is a PUBLIC road (and as far as I'm concerned the town should take all those houses by eminent domain, flatten them, and then rebuild from scratch.)

Anonymous said...

UMass needs an automatic expulsion policy. All of these "students" cited should be packing to leave today.

There should also be an officer stationed at all the liquor stores on Thursdays and Fridays, checking IDs of large buyers -- and noting where they live.

Anonymous said...

u gonna foot the bill for all that construction larry?

Larry Kelley said...

Everybody's favorite: State of Federal $.

ARA has the power of eminent domain, and they already paid a consultant who came up with a declaration of "decadent" for Phillips Street.

Anonymous said...

The "legality" of posting the picture of a house?

Are you kidding?

Live in a free society much?

Larry Kelley said...

If Anne Awad could not get me arrested for taking HER picture from a public road in South Hadley when she was on the Amherst Select Board, I don't think a CAN is going to have much luck now.

Sgt. Friday said...

The hypocrisy is a bit true, you complain about noise at night but not strangers photographing your house? If they were students photographing I am sure it would be radically different.

Larry Kelley said...

Go ahead, make my day.

Anonymous said...

Larry, do not forget what did Gary Hart in -- he had a similar attitude and dared the media to find dirt on him and they did....

Larry Kelley said...

Only Cowardly Anon Nitwits fear sunlight.

(Besides, the "media" of Gary Hart's day no longer exists.)

Anonymous said...

Larry, Anne Awad was a "public figure" and there are different rules.

There is something called "libel" and if I were to, hypothetically, run a (true) story about "man arrested for raping daughters" and then had your picture right next to it, you could and likely would sue for libel. (Newspapers have actually accidentally done just this.)

If I was to run a story saying "prostitution & drug dealing big problem in Amherst" and then run a file photo of your house, the implication would be that you are engaged in both activities -- libelous -- and again you could sue.

You run a story that incident X occurred at location Y on date Z -- and it didn't (even if it had in the past) and someone was harmed because of that story, you are liable.

Even back to Anne Awad -- if you had run a picture of her visiting a friend and alleged that it was instead her house, if you met the standards of "reckless disregard" or "actual malice", you would be liable.

We all know that is not what you did in that circumstance. But I must admit that I am not comfortable with you running pictures of buildings other than where the incidents you discuss occurred, even if similar ones did in the past. Some kid gets kicked out of college for a party he didn't have -- well, I'd sue you if it were me.

Larry Kelley said...

After last night's "community forum" on off campus student behavior it's pretty clear that nobody get's kicked out for having a party.

Truth is the ultimate defense against libel/slander. And as cops would say, "It is what it is."

You don't want to have photos of that house on the web? Then tell the kids not to leave empty beer cartons on the roof, where the whole world can clearly see it.

The mighty Roach Patrol said...

The ~last~ thing these friggan roaches should want is the negative attention that a libel lawsuit against a home-town blogger would bring to them.


Game over.

Anonymous said...

Hey Larry get a life and stay out of other peoples business. You claim to be a conservative but you spend more time worrying about other people and should start being concerned with yourself. Not only is getting arrested embarrassing for the individual and their family, you have to call people out in a public forum and further the shame they already feel.Go find a hobby or something to do because without the students you and every other person who lives in Amherst would be suffering financially. How about only in the Republic of Amherst will you find students being fined $300 individually each and every weekend yet I have never been in a place with more potholes and poor road conditions. You sir, are a hypocritical moonbat that needs to get his head out of the clouds and realize that without the students you and this excuse of a website would be nothing.

Anonymous said...

' ... without the students you and this excuse of a website would be nothing.' <-- Nothing? Wow. I guess that's true, so how do we test that? Let's see, when the students go away in the summer ... you're right. We're nothing without them. No farmers' market, no craft fairs on the Common, no Select Board meetings, no !gasp! high school student exchanges, no municipal pools, no picnics, no nothing.

Ms. Dutch said...

Since you write about students committing crimes, will you be writing a story in light of the recent press regarding Amherst College sweeping sexual assaults under the rug?

Anonymous said...

Larry, a practical suggestion to address the concerns of people not wanting their houses photographed and also to save you some time and gas---why not just find a stock photo of a somewhat dilapidated place (not in this area) and use that as a generic for every party-house story?

Larry Kelley said...

I have a better suggestion: if you don't want your house appearing here then do not let your party get out of control.

Anonymous said...

So us putting our trash out in the morning to be collected and recycled constitutes taking a picture and being labeled a party house with a false write up? Sincerely, A student that Lives on Phillips Street and does not fit the Stereotype.

Anonymous said...

Ive found vomit in my yard and, my mailbox broken on more than one occasions by the students of umass amherst! Thank you larry for spreading the word!

Anonymous said...

Businesses struggle in Amherst during the summer without the students. Everyone knows that. We have alot of cultural activities that go on in the area becauses of the colleges. Without the schools Amherst would be a sleepy rural community. Everyone knows that.
When are you going to show that you don't hate the students and print something pisitive about them?

Anonymous said...

Larry, you realize that if there are any underage residents of the houses, you can get arrested for pedophilia? Just warning you, as I wouldn't want my favorite blogger to get in trouble!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey im a little skeptical as to the factualities you have posted here. Because I was at 51 phillips with some of my buds watching a football game and there was no party there. Please make sure that you do not turn into the local version of the venerable Fox News that we know you adore.

Larry Kelley said...

Were you there last night around 9:00 PM when APD came a calling?

Anonymous said...

You post complete lies. There are plenty of houses that you can write true stories about. No one from 19 Phillips was issued a summons for underage possession, in fact no one from 19 Phillips was even issued a warning. Only a friendly hello from the officers that explained the town bylaws to us the first week of school.My residency commenced on the first of September of this year. I urge Larry, and any of his followers to look into it. I am not complaining about the factual basis of the entire blog, just this specific incident. If you are not going to take it down, the least you can do is admit it is not accurate.

Anonymous said...

Accurate reporting has never been one of Larry's strong suits- or something he is interested in.
Remember, this is a blog. Not a newspaper. Blogs don't have to be accurate. They are merely vehicles to convey the blog owner's opinion. Larry is not a journalist- he is a blogger.

Larry Kelley said...

I was a columnist for the venerable Amherst Bulletin for 14 years where I was paid to "convey the blog owner's opinion."

I was a journalist then, and I'm a much better one now.

Anonymous said...

A columnist is not a journalist. Like a blogger, a columnist offers their opinion. A columnist does not report the news. A columnist is not a journalist. You are a blogger.

Larry Kelley said...

Actually I'm a digital first journalist who is, oftentimes, first.