Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Smoking Gun?

 Town Hall in a storm

UPDATE (12:45 PM) The town and UMass have just announced an "open forum" to address concerns over student off-campus behavior.  Looks like we're getting their attention.  Of course none of the students who cause the problems will attend.


Well it took a while longer than the ten days required by Public Documents Law, and some of my request was carefully ignored, and the moment of release timed for the start of a slow news cycle (beginning of a long holiday weekend) ... even so, the slightly panicky email to town officials concerning the fire at Gilreath Manor from "Heather" who lives there (still) tells an interesting story, one town officials obviously did not want you to see:

Smoking Email Town Officials


Dr. Ed said...

My understanding - and this was mentioned at a training sponsored by the Housing Court, is that the TOWN that condemns a unit is responsible for (a) finding substitute housing and (b) paying for it == although they can bill the property owner and/or assess it against the property.

Anonymous said...

Can we get ACTV to cover this "open forum"?

Larry Kelley said...

It's not in their contract, but I'll see what I can do.

And they may want to consider a bigger room (especially if they serve oatmeal cookies).

Anonymous said...

so "with your smoking gun" what are you going to do with it? i hope something if you are a journalist and were able to dig this up (biggest landlord in town....telling tenants what to do and having illegal apartments)....so what's next

Anonymous said...

23Perhaps the folks at ACTV could give this meeting at UMass a catchy title like........


Does anyone really believe that anyone in authority over at UMass is going to do anything about this?

Not until someone is killed or some police officer is permanently disabled (and possibly not even then).

Anonymous said...

"(a) finding substitute housing and (b) paying for it" <-- Never heard of such a thing! So if they condemned my house because I'm a hoarder and it's threatening the public safety, the Town would have to find another living space -- and pay for it -- for me? I don't think so, Tim.