Saturday, October 13, 2012

AFD Central Open House

The quint reaches up over Amherst center into a brilliant blue sky

Unfortunately I could not make my annual trek to the top of the ladder towering over Amherst center because Ladder 1 is in need of repair for the electronics that make the big stick go up and maneuver, so today the quint with a smaller and more difficult ladder apparatus was on display instead.

Target practice with a fire extinguisher

And the Chief was worried about liability should I take a tumble (I do get a tad preoccupied when framing a photo).

Jaws of Life make short work of entering a crumpled vehicle

But as always seems to be the case, the weather was perfect -- a crisp day of radiant sunshine under an almost cloudless blue sky ... a haunting reminder of the potential cost these public safety stalwarts deal with daily.

Unlike last year Smokey Bear managed to make it this time around
Ladder points to a commercial jet's  vapor trail


The Roach Patrolling ghost of Adam Weishaupt. said...

That chemtrail's got Che "Bach" Guevara's paranoia written all over it.

(cough couch)

Anonymous said...


"(cough cough)"