Sunday, October 28, 2012

Frightening Weekend Party House (s)

Hobart Lane late Saturday night.  

APD deployed the PTV (Personal Transport Vehicle) for the numerous alcohol related busts. Although kids kept referring to it as the "Paddy Wagon."

 33 Phillips Street:  come out come out wherever you are

Yeah, I guess that's the most frightening thing about my headline title:  the weekend is not even over yet and already there are enough party house contenders to bring on writers cramp from recording all the details.  With Halloween on a Wednesday the excuse to party with frightening vigor impacted this weekend, probably next weekend, and of course the actual "holiday" dead center between the two.

And now that UMass cancelled all classes Monday because of #Frankenstorm, that will -- for a tiny but destructive minority -- become yet another excuse to party all the time, party all the t-i-m-e.

But Paul Markham, Phillips Street most infamous resident, will probably not be in a celebratory mood.  Three weeks ago the young, white, hipster rap star wanna-be removed his childish ode to UMass "Welcome to the Zoo" from YouTube after garnering almost 100,000 hits and a plethora of negative comments.

 Next door to #33 Phillips

Hopefully it was something I said ...

Late last night after a patrol car spied two under aged residents consuming alcohol from an open container a black-and-white armada descended on #33 Phillips Street where police arrested 8 college aged youths, three of them for open container and underaged drinking and the other five (including Markham) for two usual town bylaw infractions, Noise and Nuisance ($300 each), as well as the unusual state charges of "keeping a noisy and disorderly house" and "disturbing the peace."

Which looks to me like officials are clearly sending a message to #33 Phillips Street.  Since Markham is tone deaf, no guarantee he will get that  message.

 Town Center late last night.  Bars were very busy all night up to 1:00 AM closing

 Police arrested young man for causing a disturbance in town center late last night

Late Friday around midnight police were called to 985 North Pleasant Street and discovered about 100 youth milling about outside and another 50 in the house.  One young lad got things off to a bad start by being particularly uncooperative and attempted to flee on foot.  He then resisted arrest, assaulted an officer and broke his expensive flashlight.

 985 North Pleasant Street

Andrew DeAngelo, 44 Auriga St, Dorcherster, Ma, age 20 arrested for open container, underage drinking, A&B on an officer, resisting arrest, disorderly, and destruction of property.

Arrested for Noise and Nuisance:

April Dawn Huff-Ring, 6 Hathway, Arlington, Ma, age 21
Jonathan Weingart, 200 Hudson St, Northborough, age 22
Cathryn Alyse Carmichael, 62 Reardons Field Ln, Attleboro Falls, Ma, age  21
Daniel Harold Fenichel, 985 N Pleasant st, Amherst, Ma, age 21

Arrested for noise:
William Hickey, 182 Hollaston Ave, Arlington, Ma, age 22
Scott Baron, 3 Stonecleave Ln, Swampscott, Ma, age 22

Ownership card for 985 North Pleasant Street, Amherst

Around 1:00 AM early Saturday police busted up a loud party at 219 East Pleasant Street because of noise and "lots of people spilling into the street."

Arrested for noise:
Erik Doty, 26 Plain Rd, Hollis, NH, age 21
Nicholas Powers, 5 Nolan Ave, Milford, Ma, age 21
Cameron Smith, 11 Maple St, Upton, Ma, age 21
David Hoch, 219 East Pleasant, Amherst, Ma, age 21

And a party weekend would not be complete without an apartment complex joining in the fray: 1:10 AM Salem Place Condos lower Main Street. Loud noise and stereo. "Clearly unreasonable" according to APD first responder.

And the reporting party said they had warned the residents earlier to quiet down or they were going to call the police.

Arrested for Noise: Ashley Ann Zimmerman, 120 Curtis Ave, Attleboro, Ma, age 20 Kelly Elizabeth Marsh, 7 Ward Ln, Medway, Ma, age 20 Deryn Lee O'Brien, 652 Lynn Fells Parkway, Melrose, Ma, age 20

Which leads me to me to just one more, exceedingly sobering thing.
An old friend and long-time Amherst resident forwarded me an email response she received just this morning that left her in tears, from a 26 year old, Chinese-born American woman serving in Afghanistan as an occupational therapist.

Hello XXX,
Thank you so much!!! I just got your box of goodies and we love them. The cookies are all gone. 
I have 10 soldiers (wounded) with me from a smaller military location of only 200-300 total soldiers.  A few days ago they were under attack and many were injured.  According to them, they do not have hot showers and food most of time. Their living condition is similar to a 3rd world country ... if not worse.
They loved your cookies and some of the younger soldiers (18-20yr) cried while they were eating them.
You made my day with all the sweet and lovely reading materials. I gave them to the soldiers who needed them more.  
I am really proud to be an American and really proud of myself and the job I do here. God placed me in this location.  This job allows job me to assist others, while giving me a bigger dream and better appreciation of life and freedom.
Thank you for being my supporter and friend. Please, pray for our Soldiers


Anonymous said...

985 North Pleasant Street is not a fraternity house, and a quick Google search reveals "Alpha Delta Chi" to be a Christian-based sorority. Furthermore, this organization does not have a chapter at UMass.

Larry Kelley said...

Hot copy.

Since one of the perps address shows up as 985 No Pleasant I'm confident the location of the party is correct.

Will ask at tomorrow's official APD briefing. I still need to take photos as well and mention houses that were only warned, and add all the DUIs and total number of open container arrests and underaged drinking arrests and ...

Anonymous said...

I saw a GREAT fight outside Anthony's that "bled" into the middle of the main intersection. A black college-aged guy was tackled by taller white dude, who later had a Manson-esque blotch of blood on his forehead after colliding with the pavement. The man underneath was desperate, repeating "I am dying. I am dying right now!" It was HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

Why do you feel the need to point out that Paul Markham is white? I understand that he makes terrible music and gives the school and town a bad name, but specifying his race seems pointless, juvenile, and drenched with sub contextual racism. Same thing with the hero from Afghanistan who you feel it necessary to call a Chinese-American.

Also Paul Markham is not a hipster. I don't know how you got that idea but it is literally the farthest thing from the truth.

Larry Kelley said...

And now I feel the need to point out that you are an Anon.

Dr. Ed said...

Larry, I am NOT an anon and I am going to say this quite clearly -- should there actually be a real weather issue on the level of last October's snowstorm, with the extent to which basic civility (let alone relations) between the UM students and police have deteriorated, the second that it is apparent that the APD is overwhelmed (and that backup isn't available due to the storm), you will have a localized version of the Rodney King riots in California.

It isn't just going to be a "party" Larry, it is going to be people looking for retribution. They are going to guess (probably inaccurately in some cases) who had called the police on the in the past and they will be looking for the "pound of flesh."

The only thing that is holding the line right now is brute force and the threat thereof. Once that is unavailable, even for a night, all hell will break loose. Do you not remember the night the Berlin wall came down???

Dr. Ed said...

One other thing - I am sure it is easy enough to find out your street address and to give it to the cops when being arrested - would that mean that Larry's House is the Party House?

Even better, some ***hole might even give your *name* as well. A MSP officer might not catch it and then we will all read about what Larry Kelly got arrested for over the weekend....

Not to mention that cops are notoriously bad record keepers. The other day my lawyer told me about an accident report where the police department listed a 4-month-old child as the operator of a vehicle....

Anonymous said...

Oh my God Ed, just turn off your computer. please

Dr. Ed said...

My point on the second point is that you perhaps ought not print names and addresses until you are *certain* of the accuracy -- I always have suggested waiting a day or two and be certain rather than just say "well the cops told me" stuff because, like I said, the cops are notoriously poor record keepers.

And if you print their bad info, it is your reputation that is harmed, not theirs...

Tom McBride said...

Okay then, what is the difference between a PTA and a Paddy Wagon Larry? Does PTA sound cooler?

Anonymous said...

Great article Larry, and I especially loved the soldier's letter at the end of the long list of students behaving badly. Doesn't anyone get it? These UMass kids are such disgusting, entitled-mentality morons, they are sickenging. And then to read that soldier's really is a stark contrast. Thank you for printing this. An eye opener for anyone willing to see the truth. These UMass kids have got to grow up. They don't have a right to party and disrupt the town. Maybe they need to do a tour in Afghanistan.

Larry Kelley said...

And the whole point of mentioning the letter writer is a naturalized citizen is to underscore that even us older, more mature Americans sometimes take our freedoms for granted.

Anonymous said...

"Dr. Ed" is not an anon? That sure is news to me. This pompous idiot posts hogwash several times a day, on top of which he's so arrogant and delusional that he believes everyone just knows him?

Anonymous said...

I continue to be perplexed by the attraction of the streets for partiers- walking down the middle, standing on the edge (especially at street corners), sitting on the curbs, groups spilling into the streets, altercations in the intersections. Is it to avoid being caught partying on private property- or just stupidity?)

Roach Patrolling for peace and justice said...

It seems the LSD, Prozac and Monterey Pop festival sound track've failed to keep the truth of your mirage utopia from seeping into your brains eh, my pesky little Ponziville critterz?

It seems all that you brought to this village the last 40 years is your stupidity, your culture of greed and your OCPD.


Proud of that? Hm?

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about these rowdy few: they will all have full time jobs in a few years (unlike Larry).

Instead of bitching and moaning, not adding any value to the Amherst Community/wherever these choose to live, they will be PRODUCTIVE members of society.

Tom McBride said...

Previously posted, "Doesn't anyone get it? These UMass kids are such disgusting, entitled-mentality morons, they are sickenging."

Yeah, I believe we should go forward with that philosophy, I'm sure that mentality will take us very far, it will ENRICH us and solve the problem, complete with spelling errors.

Stormin Norman said...

To the Cowardly Anon Nitwit at 729.

I might point out that you paint campus with a broad brush.. If all UMass students are self-entitled, unappreciative morons it must be because Amherst is a backwoods, irrelevant town full of bumpkins. Oh wait, it isn't? Than stop the stereotyping.

Not to mention UMass is the only one of 5 schools with a student-veteran organization, an active ROTC aspect, and any tuition breaks for veterans. Our health services gave care to veterans in town as well from time to time as it is a public care center, and I remember the services holding recruiting events on campus every other month.

I think we're a bit more pro-troops than a town that won't fly extra flags on certain days (though I hope Larry will change this).

Anonymous said...

Hey, "Stormin Norman" -- unless your last name is Norman and your mother named you Stormin, you're no less cowardly, anonymous, or nitwitted than anyone else on this blog who fails to sign his name.

Joe Blow

Equal Opportunity said...

Larry, so what if Paul Markham is white? Your blog exhibits multiple, repeated instances of age and race discrimination. Shouldn't we be trying to move past such dated and toxic social models?

Anonymous said...

No matter what you do larry we will continue to party. There's nothing you can do about it

Anonymous said...

You just don't get it kid: We don't care if you party. Feel free to get blind drunk.

Just stop the screaming and hearing-damaging volumes, stop driving drunk, and stop assaulting police officers.

Signed by a Bumpkin transplanted from Boston 30 years ago.

Dr. Ed said...

These UMass kids are such disgusting, entitled-mentality morons, they are sickenging. And then to read that soldier's really is a stark contrast.

This is like comparing red wine to milk, they may both be potable beverages, but they are not the same thing.

The soldiers in Afghanistan are being paid to be there -- granted, not enough, but there are also the intangibles such as post-discharge career advancement and social respect. Also remember that everything a soldier needs is provided to him -- he does not need to borrow money to buy his M-16 and uniform and the rest.

By contrast the UM student is PAYING for the experience, and often is borrowing a s**tload of money in the process. Yes, being a customer gives you a sense of entitlement - after all, you are paying for it!

Bear in mind one other thing: A lot of folk go into the military for the sole purpose of being able to pay for college. Many have been there and (not yet even 21) come to UMass on GI bill benefits.

They were getting shot at in Iraq and Afghanistan so that they could come to Amherst and have a good time. And maybe meet a wife/husband, maybe figure out what they want to do with their lives, and all the rest of late-teen angst.

But they were wearing OUR uniform and getting shot at for this "sense of entitlement." Doesn't it give you at least a little pause???

Stormin Norman said...

Someone is upset their straw man was blown over, and it wasn't by Sandy.

Dr. Ed said...

Larry, there is one thing that bothers me about all of this -- what's wrong with racial profiling? What's wrong with racial profiling if you use it to arrest drug dealers & couriers?

I do not deal well with logical inconsistencies, and this is one. The cops probably were camping on Allen Street looking to bust that schmuck for something -- but if he were black instead of a UM student -- equally obnoxious -- the officers involved would be hung out to dry.

And what's worse, the police went after him (as did you) because of his protected speech. This is like stopping the black guy who is speeding while ignoring the rest, and you know how that would go over.

There's one other little problem that I can not understand -- how can you arrest someone for an offense which has no jail time itself? If the accused simply hands the officer $300, exactly what is the legal basis of the arrest? Surety that he will pay the $300 if convicted in a court of law -- he already paid it. Surety that he can be incarcerated -- there is no incarceration possible here.

And exactly what is the bail bond for? It's not being used to ensure he pays his fine (it can't be -- jailing people to ensure satisfaction of judgment went out a half century ago.

Larry, Amherst is breaking the rules. HOW can Amherst complain about the college kids doing this when Amherst itself also is???