Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Party House of the Weekend

807 Main Street, Amherst

At the risk of being branded a bully I still gotta ask, "What were these Nitwits thinking?!"  Just what you need in the neighborhood: noxious fumes from old mattresses with God-only-knows-what having stained them.

According to APD logs:
RP passing by (1:00 AM early Saturday morning) reporting a large outdoor fire, AFD enroute.  Large fire with trash and mattresses being burned.  Citation issued for unpermitted burn to one of the tenants at the address.

Milo S Newman, 807 Main Street, Amherst, age 22, Open Burning without a permit


Mattress Giant said...

Were the tenants charged with alcohol, noise, or nuisance violations? If not can this house truly be labeled a party house or just stupid? Dozens of elderly back home get such citations as they simply do not know or care about fire ordinances, and I am sure that plenty of area farmers conduct such behavior all the time.

LarryK said...

Farmers can burn to clear land year round, but they still have to notify their local fire department.

Anonymous said...

At 1:00 a.m.?? But MattGi might be right: you might need to create a whole new category called "Stupid House." (Maybe he thought nobody would notice at that late hour ... )

LarryK said...

"Weekend weirdness" perhaps?

I was trying to decide between this and the naked guy on LSD, but this one won out because it's sooooo stupid.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is wrong with burning at 1AM?

The dew has fallen so all the ground is damp/wet, the wind is still and other than the fact that most decent people are sound asleep at the hour, it is actually the ideal time to burn.

Except that we do care about the quality of our air and no, farmers are not free to burn anytime they want to in this state. Most communities now require them to dispose of formerly-burnt materials in a more green manner.

Anonymous said...

Mattress burning is what you do when the garage is filled with trash, the ever present curbside trashcans are overloaded and the backyard of the abandoned house next door has already been used as a mattress dumping ground by previous tenants.