Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hadley Highlights Parade

Hadley Color Guard front and center 
God and Hadley make a great team:  He (or she) provides stunning weather, and the town puts on a grand old fashioned patriotic parade reminiscent of Norman Rockwell's glory days.  Trucks, tractors, Boys and Girl scouts, politicians, high school marching band, horses, antique cars and cheering folks aplenty lining both sides of Rout 9.  Of course, aging veterans led the procession with the stars and stripes held high.

Joyce Chunglo Hadley Select Board, DA Dave Sullivan, Senator Stan Rosenberg
Hadley Fire Department
Hadley Cub Scouts
Hopkins Academy Marching Band
Kathy Roberts, Muddy Brook Horse Farm
Patriotic Wagon
Lots of tractors, but no cows
Antique car
Yes they allowed candy tossed to the kids. Parents supervised. My kids got a ton
A yard a few houses down from parade route


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the slice of Americana! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes Larry! Thank you!