Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Fitting Tribute

 A cutting edge building

Since he was unique, I find it fitting that the George N Parks Minuteman Marching Band Building at UMass is the first of its kind on the Amherst campus to acquire LEED gold certification.  Perhaps if George had paced himself a little more over the years, conserving psychic energy, he would still be with us today.
 George N Parks leads his beloved band on the site of his new building

But he always put everything he had into each and every performance, leading the Power and Class and Class of New England...until there was nothing left to give.

Shine on George N Parks

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Ed said...

Two men: George Parks and John Calpari. Both building a program, but going about it two vastly different ways. With two vastly different legacies a couple decades later.