Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Conservative Values

Governor Deval Patrick addresses large crowd at formal  Paul C Jones Working Forest dedication ceremony

When Cinda Jones throws a party,  a who's who of federal, state, and local officials come to dance--no matter how hot and humid it may be.

Retiring Congressman John Olver directly thanks Cinda Jones for her conservation efforts 
Large crowd of conservation minded officials and friends of the Cowls family
Under a blazing sun blocked by a large white tent nestled on the side of a country road, Governor Deval Patrick and a wagon train of federal, state and local officials came to dedicate the renamed (from Brushy Mountain) Paul C Jones Working Forest, a 3,500 acre (5.4 square miles) swath of God's green earth.

Representative Ellen Story Senator Stan Rosenberg 
Last December, after four years of negotiations, the state paid the W.D. Cowls Co--the largest private landowners in the state--$8.8 million for the development rights to the scenic property.  Cowls will continue to log the land and act as stable stewards, as they have done for the past 125 years.
Paul C. Jones Working Forest
The entities who made it happen
Representative Dan Winslow R-Norfolk (an Amherst native)
Governor Patrick applauds Cinda Jones

No Conservation event is complete without Smokey Bear 

Retiring camera maestro Gordon Daniels gets the shot 

The Official Press Release

Springfield Republican reports

 A previous heartfelt tribute to Paul C. Jones


Anonymous said...

Looks like Deval is leaning forward.

Good for him.

DaveMB said...

Not a good day for the bear suit...

Anonymous said...

I see that Cinda tried to connect the preservation of land with the intention behind the failed zoning articles.

This would ordinarily be sound reasoning, but not here, not with this minority in Town Meeting.