Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What you lookin at?

No trip to Vermont is complete without a moose sighting (my 5-year-old wanted to ride him)


Anonymous said...

Looks good Larry. It's amazing, some people never see them through their whole lives and others do all the time - I personally have them run in front of my car at least once a year.

LarryK said...

Pretty darn majestic critters, for sure.

Ed said...

I was on the "airline" -- Maine Route 9 between Bangor and Calais -- one night after midnight in a pouring rainstorm -- this is where the road is a moraine -- elevated from the swamp on both sides -- and I first thought it was a horse.

30+ miles from the nearest human habitation, likely more, I was also thinking "ghost" for a few minutes.

Then Bulwinkle (and they are NOT very bright) came up with the bright idea that my red Toyota was a rival Bull Moose after his cows. And decided to challenge me to a fight.

Ed found Reverse quickly and stomped on the gas.

Bullwinkle slipped and fell on the wet pavement. He wasn't light.
He then got up and walked over the guardrail and into the swamp, with the cows and calfs following him.

All of this in the pouring rain, thunder and lightning as well.

But yes, a moose does look like a horse....

Anonymous said...

Nice shot! I have never seen one in person. I'm thinking that's as close as I want to get -- looking at your picture.

That is "calves" by the way.

LarryK said...

Yeah, my wife was urging me to "get closer." Thank God for optical zoom.