Saturday, May 26, 2012

Like loaves & fishes

 249 South Pleasant Street, Amherst

The Planning Board will discuss this cute Amherst College owned house in my neighborhood as AC goes before them on June 6 for the easy to attain site plan review permission to double from a one to a two family dwelling thus allowing, duh, two families--or as is the case with conversions in most other parts of town, eight unrelated housemates (code for "college students").

This makes the third Amherst College owned house (out of 31 formerly "single family") to recently double in ocupancy, although planner Christine Brestrup confirms it will be the last for a while.  Amherst College is also busy building the new $200 million science center, and a bevy of renovation projects including a dormitory, Pratt Field, and the old Fiber Arts building in downtown Amherst.

Fiber Arts Building, downtown Amherst


Anonymous said...

Larry, I notice you sell banner ads now, and that you advertise the number of page views for the preceding month on the sidebar. Do you have any stats on how many unique users view your blog each month?

Anonymous said...

There are 4 of us. Ed, Bach, and two cowardly anon nitwits. You would be 5.

LarryK said...

Times 1,000 and you would be close.

Anonymous said...

well, why are you reluctant to give us that number, larry? don't you think potential advertisers would like to know that info?

so, let's narrow it down: approximately how many unique users in our commercial region view your page each month?

LarryK said...

You obviously are NOT a potential advertiser.