Sunday, May 27, 2012

Occupy Amherst Center

Occupy Amherst town center 12:25 PM

A few dozen folks descended on the most visible corner in Amherst town center Saturday morning, the same one "occupied" by anti-war protestors every Sunday for the past 40 years, and they even had a brass band.  By 1:15 PM they were gone.  It was kind of hot and muggy.

According to their press release speakers were going to address:

  • Corporate Personhood,
  • Student Debt,
  • Racism in the Amherst schools,
  • Justice for Charles in Springfield,
  • SComm and immigrant rights,
  • Shutting down the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant and
  • foreclosures in Hampshire and Hampden counties. 
Hmm...Okay it's Amherst so I can see the anti Corporate Personhood, and Amherst Town Meeting just overwhelmingly passed an anti SComm advisory article to champion immigrant rights. And we are loaded with students (although not at the moment), so the student debt issue could resonate. Although I wonder if anyone held a bow and arrow to their heads to force them to take on the debt in the first place.

But the one I question is, "Racism in the Amherst schools". Really?


Anonymous said...

You don't think there is racism in the Amherst schools, Larry?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Larry, it could be reverse racism. My daughter, who wanted straight hair (not curly), was told she was trying to 'not look black.' She's white.

That was 12 years ago, so maybe things have changed.

The Ponzivillers speak said...

Aw grammy and grampuh, your beards look amazing!

But how comes nothing you say makes sense anymore?

Anonymous said...

Come on Larry, just spend a day in any school in Amherst and tell me you won't see a racist action happening, or a racist coded term used on a child, based solely on his skin color, used by so called "teachers" whose internal biases have reached their tongues and slipped off in a moment of heat. Wake up Larry~Amherst is actively participating in the pipeline to prison project and maybe even profiting from it!!!

just a CAN like Roach Patrol said...

Aw, mama, your ginger-locks are so curly!

But how come you you never sign your name to your comments?