Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Party House of the Weekend

198 Sunderland Road, North Amherst 

Yes, the old adage "weather is a cops best friend" held true this past weekend...sort of. If your worry was student party houses and the noise, vandalism and potentially life threatening overdoses of alcohol, Saturday's Godzilla-like storm smothered those problems, but of course brought on more important life threatening circumstances far more dangerous to the first responders.

 But Friday night was business as usual. Take 198 Sunderland Road in North Amherst for instance. Around midnight police responded to a disturbance call only to discover 800-1,000 party hardy students packed into the two floor residence.

As one of the initial responding officers was clearing the downstairs basement a scuffle ensued and it was all hands on deck. The melee did not last long. Police arrested five--two for assault on a police officers, one for disturbing the peace, another for noise and nuisance and one for underage drinking.


Ryan Apgar, Boxborough, MA, age 21 Unlawful noise, Nuisance House
Neil Vaid, 693 Main St, Amherst, MA, age 20, underage drinking
Logan Hughes, Wrentham, MA, age 20 Assault on an officer, Disorderly Conduct
Erik Silva, Middleborough, MA, age 21 Assault on an officer, resisting arrest

Property ownership card for 198 Sunderland Rd, Amherst

UPDATE:  10/12/12
Neil Vaid and Logan Hughes no longer show up as students at UMass.


Anonymous said...

Cowls Property?????

LarryK4 said...

Not any more.

See ownership card I just now uploaded (was in a hurry this morning).

Anonymous said...

Denison Corp is owned by Jones

Anonymous said...

watch out if you get in trouble larry kelley is gonna come creep around your house the morning after. he will probably only be taking pictures but be warry of whats inside this mustached marraurders head.

Anonymous said...

Larry, I think you do great work. Thank you.

LarryK4 said...

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

The more they bitch, the more you know it's working.

Ed said...

Larry, you can say what you want to, but the simple fact is that Puffton and the rest of North Amherst was dark for like 3 days and there wasn't a riot. You can cite the weather but the simple fact is that the roads were open and the weather drivable/walkable as of 7AM on Sunday Morning -- and UM was closed on Halloween itself, Monday.

Yet no riot. (Much to my surprise.)

There are only problems when the cops aren't busy -- when they *are* busy (like on Halloween), there weren't any problems. And why is that?

Seriously, why is that?

Liquors 44 was open Monday night,I really doubt that there weren't parties on Halloween, and thus the big question is why there weren't problems.

Or -- and I will ask this -- how much of this is being PROVOKED BY the APD? Intentionally or more likely unintentionally, could police activity/actions be the factor that pushes things over the edge?

I am thinking about this as a scholar -- why was there no trouble when the kids knew that the cops were far to busy to bust them for anything? Did they all find Jesus or something (I doubt it) -- so why????

Anonymous said...

Sure looked better when it was painted white (property card photo)

Anonymous said...

That has got to be the wrong property card (or picture on card) as the house looks completely different

LarryK4 said...

Nah, the assessor is never wrong. My mistake.

Wondering said...

Good question: "There are only problems when the cops aren't busy -- when they *are* busy (like on Halloween), there weren't any problems. And why is that?"

Your implied conclusion that the APD provokes the parties is rather farfetched.

Maybe even students know not to have a blowout party in the midst of an emergency situation.

Anonymous said...

Still under the Jones management and ownership

Anonymous said...

Oh Ed, you who fancies yourself such a clear thinker, tell us how that would work, the APD provoking problems with students? Give us that on-the-ground hypothetical scenario of cause and effect that rattles around in the space between your ears.

Your blog public is dying to read this.

Anonymous said...

@ Ed: The problems with the students have been well documented, and they all include hours of boozing with some experimenting in "other" substances. Lets not get the "weed" argument going either... kids are using all sorts of substances for recreational purposes. Its THOSE factors that usually end up with violence and property damage. The snow STOPPED the flocking of college aged kids to the epi-center of "the party". The only kids here in town were most likely UMass students (w/o all of their respective possies showing up). Even the most dimwitted knew that the storm was no reason to have a kegger.... with 2000 or so of their closest friends. The cops RESPOND... someone calls them there because its already out of control...

Anonymous said...

Ed, no problems since there was no power for the DJs to throw a party.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:57

let's smoke some weed a go do some violent shit

on second thawt... you are wrong

Anonymous said...

@ anon 730pm:

That is exactly what I was talking about when I made a comment about the "weed argument" you moron. It is known that weed users generally are not violent you small minded twerp. I was referencing those drinking alcohol past their limit, mixing alcohol with super-duper energy drinks (with stimulant levels multiple times higher than coffee or regular soft drinks), and those who combine alcohol with other substances (some well known and time tested and others that are considered designer). It was the lack of that specific crowd combined with inclement weather which prohibited/limited travel and power outages which prevented the night of the storm from being a real party night. Most parties would have to have been small, indoors, and in limited lighting conditions. The bus routes were compromised and foot traffic was improbable. The point of my post was to add those factors to the equasion when ED suggested that there was no riot and insinuated that the cops are the source of the issue. I think the "thawt" spelling is so cute by the way. Stop texting/blogging so much and use the language as intented. BTW, LMAO BC IMHO its ruining how we effectively communicate. Use words, like so many others who post and comment on these threads.

Anonymous said...

FYI, u r a dick

u had 2 much jolt and bud lite

eye wuz b ing sarcastic


LarryK4 said...

Sarcasm requires its own special font. (And no text-speak,)