Sunday, November 27, 2011

A tax free Christmas

Amherst Pelham Boy Scouts return to Kendrick Park

President Obama could/should have learned a lesson from former Town Manager Larry Shaffer about not disparaging Christmas by instituting a tax on Christmas trees--something that makes you look heartless and indifferent to public opinion.

Amherst/Pelham Boy Scouts selling Christmas trees as a fundraiser is a much anticipated yuletide tradition dating back to when Rockwell was in his prime. And as one of my commenters previously pointed out, their sign is probably as old as the tradition.

Now all we need is a blanket of snow.


Anonymous said...

The Boy Scouts tree sale should be the site of a town Christmas Tree-

It would help them advertise :)

Anonymous said...

Why are you complaining about taxes and Obama?
Did you save on state and federal taxes by running an unprofitable business for years before shuttering it? How many years? How much money? Just curious.

LarryK4 said...

Never paid federal taxes (other than employee benefits) because there was never any profit at the end of the year, but the state always got the $457 minimum annual corporation cost.

In fact from 1982-1988 they got twice that as I had Karate and the Athletic club as separate corporations.

Anonymous said...

If it snows, it's your fault!

Anonymous said...

Remember, if you benefit AT ALL from ANY function of ANY level of government, you must support ALL the current administration's policies and edicts!

...unless the administration is Republican, in which case dissent is the ONLY FORM OF PATRIOTISM!

LarryK4 said...

Only in Amherst, of course.

Anonymous said...

Larry Shaffer versus the Boy Scouts Christmas Tree Sale:

The good guys won that one.

That was one of the dumbest episodes instigated in the public sector in this town since the West Side Story debacle.