Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupy Amherst...briefly

Agile Gazette photographer Gordon Daniels keep pace with the protesters

About 60 mostly college aged folks descended on the downtown yesterday carrying signs and banners and chanting slogans and only briefly snarling traffic. Amherst Police Department monitored the situation closely but did not interact with the crowd. The marchers retreated from town center, down Rt 9 up Triangle Street and then North Pleasant back to UMass, with a cruiser following closely behind.

Hard to walk and keep the banner taut (must be from Hampshire College)

This was the first Occupy action in Amherst since the clash with Tea Party supporters a month ago, where they seemed a tad intimidated by direct counter confrontation.


Ed said...

This is why the mASSgop ordered UMass to shut down the Republican Club back in 2009 and a compliant administration agreed.

Can you imagine 20 well-disciplined college students wearing "I love capitalism" shirts standing somewhere in their route and just chanting "USA", "USA", "USA"?

Not looking for trouble, but not moving either -- and forcing the occupy folk to go around them? The trust-fund-occupiers would run home crying and the university might loose daddy's donation next year -- and they know it.

The Republican Club was a working class group and that -- and that alone -- is why it met its demise. So for all this talk of 99%, I want no part of it, and I really would like to see a net worth (including trust funds) of the Amherst "poor" -- Larry, they make you look poor by comparison.

And as to Occupy UMass, oh for a charged fire hose at dawn.... I can think about it, can't I -- and as a former volunteer firefighter, albeit a quarter century ago, Ed probably could remember how to tap a hydrant and such....

Anonymous said...

What do you call someone who thinks 'lose' is spelled 'loose'? A 'looser'?