Monday, November 14, 2011

Party House(s) of the Weekend

51 North East Street

I guess we should be thankful that Veterans Day fell on a Friday rather than today, because a long weekend with a Monday holiday combined with the warm weather and bright moon last night would only have made for another excuse to rock the neighborhoods of Amherst.

But the Party Boys and Girls needed no such excuse, as Friday into early Saturday seemed to be the party night of choice. Safe bet none of them were veterans.

And this week we have--to no great surprise--repeat offenders:

According to APD narrative (12:51 am)
Loud large party observed upon arrival at 51 North East Street. Residents and guest would not cooperate with officers. Tenants placed under arrest for TBL (Town Bylaw) noise.

Jackson McCabe Barber, 21 Taft St, Marblehead, MA, age 22
Samuel Casey Johnson 37 Pyramid Lane, Scituate, MA, age 22

571 Main Street (Midnight Friday)

571 Main Street (Painted Lady)

Loud large party at listed location. Daniel Morgan was less than cooperative and confrontational. Miles Mulman attempted to clear the house but failed to do so in adequate time. Due to Morgan's lack of cooperation he was placed under arrest for TBL noise violation and Mulman summoned for same offense.

Miles Mulman, 10 Palmer Rd, Marblehead, MA, age 22
Daniel Morgan, 100 Sampson Parkway, Pittsfield, MA, age 21

Property card for 571 Main Street

219 East Pleasant Street 12:37 AM

Loud party at listed address with yelling and screaming

Arrested for unlawful noise:
Hunter Alexander, 67 Cypress Street, Norwood, MA, age 19
Catherine McAuliffe, 219 East Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA, age 19
Suzanne Katherin Metro, 16 Barker Rd, Acton, MA, age 20

Property Card for 219 East Pleasant St

All too typical scary weekend for AFD
Click to view (ETOH is code for passed out drunk)


Anonymous said...

Where's the prop record cards?

I know that I can get them myself but I'm lazy. Or are you trying to hide something?

Anonymous said...

Someone is going to get smart and compare the number of offences now with the new bylaws compared to without and suggest the Town is only trying to increase revenue.

That'll increase University applicants.

Oh, nevermind, that is what Amherst wants!

LarryK4 said...

Prop records are coming.

I have 4 Macs at the moment all in various states of non function.

Driving me crazy. If anyone wants to donate an iPad 2, I would be able to turn around these reports in full--PRONTO.

Anonymous said...

And we would donate an ipad to you why, Larry?

Anonymous said...

Someone is going to get smart and stop making so much noise around the neighbors.

Ever talk to someone who lives on Fearing Street? How about the people who vacate their homes on the weekends during the school year because they can't get a decent night's sleep?

All we want is for you to treat us the way you would treat your neighbors at home, you know, the ones who've known you since you were a little tyke?

LarryK4 said...

Cowardly Anon Nitwit 12:17 AM
You did not really expect me to publish that did you?

The First Amendment does not protect intimidating threats or hate speech. And a jury of my peers would certainly find that comment the former.

Ed said...

Larry -- posting this is a noble public service, but it raises more questions than it answers, not the least of which is why was a girl going from North to CDH on a "medical" call at 1:22AM and another from Coolidge Tower at 7:53AM -- I wonder if these were ETOH, drug or psych.

Yes, I noted "ETOH" for M but not for F -- and girls drink too...

BTW -- ETOH means "Ethyl Alcohol" -- and in many cases it is a mixture of that and assorted drugs -- the medical treatment is the same, but it isn't just alcohol. And further, I don't think you have to be passed out to be transported, vomiting blood usually is enough to justify a trip.

AFD would never do it, and I would be amongst the critics if they did, but I almost wish you could segregate the "legitimate" medical runs (appendicitis, broken bones, etc) from the ETOH/Drug and Psych runs.

And what is the expected morbidity of 20,000 20-year-olds? Some legitimate medical runs are to be expected, the appendicitis, and such. A certain number of *sober* kids are going to trip, fall & break something as well -- I actually am surprised I haven't on the damn unsafe staircase UMass installed in my building. Again, anyone know the expected stat?

Ed said...

One other thing -- what is wrong with having 2 (of 46) calls being mutual aid? If this were Boston, that would be an ambulance from a different sector. If this were California, where EMS is by county, it likewise would be a different station.

Mutual aid is an efficient use of resources while still maintainign local control. A good all around.

And no, we don't need 500 ambulances. Come now -- I remember when Amherst only had 3.