Saturday, November 26, 2011

Santa drops in

Live long and prosper

A huge throng of people--almost all with kids in tow--migrated to Yankee Candle in South Deerfield this morning to welcome the jolly big guy dressed in red and white who hitched a ride on a helicopter, since the weather was a tad too warm for his reindeer.

After a very brief speech and a couple of "Ho, ho, ho's" he was off, and the crowd dutifully moved indoors to shop. If you are the claustrophobic type this was not the place for you. I only hope downtown Amherst is lucky enough to see one-quarter the number of shoppers for "Small Business Saturday."

By Select Board decree, parking is free throughout the downtown, but since nobody took the time to advertise/promote it, a lot of potential shoppers are probably left unaware.

Speaking of Christmas, downtown Amherst will once host once again the lighting of the Merry Maple--Christmas Tree to you outsiders--on December 2. For the first time in memory George N. Parks will not be leading the UMass marching band as one of the main attractions...with Santa riding the AFD ladder truck and the ignition of the Merry Maple.

(Since my new camera does well in low light conditions, I may be able to get a good Merry Maple photo this year.)


Anonymous said...

To me and you it's a Christmas tree, but to everyone else in Amherst, the Merry Maple is non-denominational.

Barry Roberts has added rides in his horse drawn wagon, I believe -- or maybe that's another night.

But the lighting of the Merry Maple is one jolly good time!

Anonymous said...

The town's Cheerful Candelabra needs to lose its likeness to a menorah

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who considers the term "Merry Maple" to be Pagan, and thus religious?

Anonymous said...

what cheerful candelabra are you referring to?

Anonymous said... said...

i agree with anonomus