Wednesday, April 1, 2009

UN flag to be retired

The faded tattered United Nations flag that has flown in front of Amherst Town Hall since the very early 1970's (soooooo long ago that even Vince O'Connor was not around) will be permanently retired into the new landfill at the former Cherry Hill Golf Course.

Since town officials are squeamish about the American flag, the Committee to Abolish Imperialistic Banners (co-sponsored by the Amherst League of Women Voters) decided to alternate the Puerto Rican flag, Rainbow flag, People's Republic of Iran and North Korea at that flagpole over the next generation.


Neil said...

I always thought it was strange to have two flagpoles.

Are you joking about the other flags? I'll assume you are.

Seriously, shouldn't we be proud of who WE are? We could put stars and stripes on the main flagpole. On the second flagpole, they could put the Mass Commonwealth flag flying over the Amherst Town Seal Flag.

Hey maybe Shaffer could PVTA money to pay for it.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, everything today has been a joke.

But seriously, in Boston the Statehouse has a special Hall of flags for all the towns and cities in Mass.

Naturally Amherst is not there with a flag.

The town seal was never made into a flag (maybe a good project for the 250'th Anniversary Committee).

Helen said...

Good one Larry! I was already laughing when I read about the new landfill at Cherry Hill.