Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back to that damn raise

From: Debbie Westmoreland
To: amherstac
Cc: Andy Churchill ; Michael Hussin ; Kathy Mazur
Sent: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 3:14 pm
Subject: Re: Public Documents Request

Dear Mr. Kelley:

Kathy Mazur forwarded your request to me because I am the keeper of public records for the three School Committee. As of now, the School Committee has not
voted to authorize release of the executive session minutes you are requesting
so they are still confidential and I am not authorized to release them as a
public record.



Date: April 16, 2009 4:52:49 PM EDT
To: WestmorelandD@ARPS.ORG

Hey Debbie,

Thanks! ( I should have known you were the 'go to' person on this).

I will formerly request the SC take it up at the very next meeting April 28'th; and if they do not vote to release the minutes I will unleash the wrath of God, Yahweh or Allah upon them.


On Apr 16, 2009, at 9:56:49 PM, "Michael Hussin" wrote:
Subject: re: minutes of executive session

Dear Mr. Kelley,
I received your letter and am just now getting a chance to respond. I am also aware that you have received an email from Debbie Westmoreland, the administrative assistant to the superintendent, with information regarding the release of executive session minutes. I wanted to elaborate further on the necessary procedures for making public the minutes of executive sessions.. Essentially the board must meet in executive session to review and vote to approve the minutes of any of those sessions. After that vote we can then vote to release to the public the minutes of any or all meetings that we have reviewed and approved. That can probably be done at the same meeting. Minutes of any executive session can be released, according to state law, when it is deemed by the board that no harm to the district or to personnel would come from the release of those minutes. As spring break is upon us, we will not be gathering any sooner then the next regional school committee meeting scheduled for April 28. If we need an executive session it is typically scheduled the same evening immediately following our regional meeting. I will be checking with the superintendent to see if that is the best time to schedule this session and if there are any other legal issues involved. At this point I do not foresee any problems with making the information you requested public, but again I will be checking to be sure we are following appropriate procedures.
Thank you,
Michael Hussin

From: amherstac
Subject: re: minutes of executive session
Date: April 16, 2009 10:12:09 PM EDT
To: "Michael Hussin"

Thanks. I look forward to the results of this request. Transparency is a good thing.



Anonymous said...

So there are people in town already saying "Why belabor this?" (these undoubtedly some of the same people that can't let go of the Bush Administration)

I'll tell you why: because we may be doing this in another 3-5 years.

What may have happened since the Age of Gus is that we've become a stepping stone, for school administrators on the way up. That would be ok IF we get our money's worth.

Unlike some communities, we actually do the "nationwide search". When we hire candidates with no roots or family here (or who don't bring their family with them!), we can expect that some might not like it here for whatever reason and then decide to go elsewhere.

If this guy is here in 2019, I'll buy Larry Kelley the biggest double chocolate latte he can order at Starbucks in town, or a very tall frosty grain-based adult beverage at the Moan. Not gonna happen.

That being said, we probably aren't going to be allowed to deconstruct how the bargaining went.

LarryK4 said...

I'll take the adult beverage. But you're right, safe bet you will not have to pay up (see I really don't any perks from this blog)

No, the minutes may not deconstruct the negotiation but the vote will be very telling. And that they have to cough up.