Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A stirring symbol

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Adhering to that antiquated bricks-and-mortar media custom “never apologize, never explain” today’s Gazette editorial hits the perfect, hard-to-reach high note of the Star Spangled Banner.

Too bad they did not sound off last year.

Note to all you folks outside the Happy Valley: the Amherst Bulletin is the 30+-year-old (red headed lesbian bastard stepchild) sister publication of the venerable 220+-year-old Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Bully Editorial last year


Anonymous said...

Hey Larhi,

How you gonna react when your daughter tells you she is a lesbian?

Will you ridicule her, disown her, or will you suddenly begin to be nice to lesbians?

I have you pegged for the latter type. Reminds me of an old neighbor of mine who used to think the Vietnam War was a good war for America. Then his son's draft notice arrived in the mail.

Before the notice was all the way out of the envelope, my neighbor was changing his mind about the war.

Go throw a few more rocks Larhii. You aren't exuding enough poison into the atmosphere yet. I believe there are a few places in the valley you haven't yet polluted.

By the way, which war to defend America's freedoms did you fight in?

LarryK4 said...

I'm always nice to lesbians and gay men as well (I would bet my club has a slighter higher than average ratio than most as I was the first Health Club in the Valley to extend "family discounts" to gay couples, around 15 years ago.

Tell ya what nitwit, I open bright and early Monday morning 5:30 AM. Why don't you stop in and we can discuss this man to man. Freakin coward.