Monday, April 27, 2009

Blogger reprieve with update (at least I asked)

UPDATE 10:00 PM:
From: Debbie Westmoreland
Cc: Maria Geryk

Sent: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 1:16 pm
Subject: Appointment w/Superintendent
Dear Mr. Kelley:

Thank you for contacting me to set up the meeting Superintendent Geryk
requested. She is available at 9:00 a.m. this Wednesday, April 29th, which I
understand is also a convenient time for you to meet. If your availability has
changed, please let me know. Otherwise, she will plan to meet with you here in
the Superintendent's Office on Wednesday.

Thank you,

Deb> 4/27/2009 1:38 PM

Hey Deb,

Works for me. May I record the meeting?


From: Debbie Westmoreland
Sent: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 4:05 pm
Subject: Re: Appointment w/Superintendent

Hi Mr. Kelley:

I'm glad the meeting time is still O.K. for you. I checked with Maria and she
does not want the meeting recorded.



Damn, now I don't have a good excuse to miss Town Meeting next week--although in mid-June I'll be in Korea (the good half) so if they are still droning on...

So what is the interim Super going to do, make me write 100 times "I will not criticize the venerable Amherst School system", or as the Sisters of St. Joseph used to do--make me hold out my hand and WHAM with a wooden ruler???????

The original notice


Anonymous said...

"or as the Sisters of St. Joseph used to do"

What would they say about you getting the trespass order? They'd probably say they figured you'd be the one to get into legal trouble in elementary school even decades after you left.

Saint Mike's! The fourth grade teacher was the meanest.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the Sisters of St. Joseph anticipated decades ago exactly what was going to happen to Amherst once Larry Kelley reached adulthood. They should have warned all of us, but especially certain Select Board members past and present.

Now, just what kind of sin is that?

LarryK4 said...

Yeah she was indeed the meanest.

Only time I ever saw her cry--or any of the Sisters for that matter--was the early-afternoon November 22'nd interruption from one of the High School kids bearing THAT note.

The scowl on her face--capable of melting granite--transformed to horror, and then tears.

Giving me a few seconds heads up that something REALLY bad had just happened.

Anon 2: Yeah fair enough, a warning was perhaps in order back in the very early 80’s, as I've been hammering Select Board members for over 25 years.

You would think THEY would learn from the past.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Catholic school kids always have better school stories than us public schoolies?

By the way, even the nuns would say that THAT was NOT stalking.

Ed said...

If she doesn't want it recorded, you want to take a lawyer with you. And as an aside, she does NOT have a say on video as the law only applies to audio....

And why are you meeting with her? You want the trespass vacated and she either will do it or you sue her (personally) for Federal Civil Rights violations (46 USC 1983) and be done with it.

She can be stupid or not - her choice.

LarryK4 said...

Of course the irony is BIG Al Sprague (who is still collecting his Super salary) said in front of Principal Behnke in the Wildwood office that he had "recorded" our previous phone conversation (without asking) a month earlier.

Anonymous said...

A recording of a conversation without one of the participants knowing about it is a violation of the state wiretap statute.

Now, Larry, Ms. Geryk seems like a lovely person. PUHLEEESE, try not to piss her off.

Anonymous said...

It's time for Ed to start citing the legal authority for his legal opinions.

I believe that he is mistaken about the application of the wiretap statute to video versus audio recording. Even the cops give notice to people of video recording of their booking procedures and custodial interrogations.

It's this kind of misinformation that makes the blogosphere so wonderful.

But if Ed has the authority, let him cite it. He's not a lawyer, but he plays one on this blog.

LarryK4 said...

Actually I had a VERY reliable source (as I don't consider Anon's overly reliable) vouch for Ms. Geryk.

So I will be on my BEST Irish-Catholic-raised-by-a-teacher-Mom-in-a -low-income-Amherst-household-educated-by-the-Sisters-of-St.-Joseph behavior.

Anonymous said...

I always love Larry's "I come from the slums of Crow Hill" spiel. If you've ever seen real poverty that's like coming from the poor section of Beverly Hills. Yeah, I'm sure High street was full of muggers, dope dealers, and homeless, just like the big city. Don't forget rats the size of volkswagens the next time you tell it. It's amazing they survived 5 generations.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, interestingly enough Town Meeting will be discussing an expansion of the Historic District around Main Street's Dickinson Homestead to include Railroad Street's brick train station and that will include Kelley Square.

I guess I could now give my great-great Grandfather carried Miss Emily to her grave with his one strong arm spiel, but I'm sure you've heard it before.

Thanks for visiting (can never have enough nitwits)

Anonymous said...

Kelley, Square, how appropriate because a square is one side of a block head.

LarryK4 said...

Hmmm, how appropriate.

A cowardly nitwit Anon with math skills.

Anonymous said...

Cowardly? I prefer to think of it as stealth.



Anonymous said...


bring someone to take notes, act as witness?

LarryK4 said...

Yeah I should have figured. A nitwit Ninja:

Paid assassins who would slit their grandmother's throat while she slept as long as the price was right.

Anonymous said...

Just show up and be polite and you should be all set. No need for paranoia.

Ed said...

Anonymous said...

12 of 50 States (including Massachusetts) require all parties to be aware of taped conversations. What to do with all these secretly recorded death threats?