Friday, January 9, 2009

I have been served (at taxpayer expense)

So Sheriff Knightly was his usual cordial self. He arrived at my Club a few minutes early to deliver the trespass notice and even agreed to have his photo taken as he performed his public duty. Cost to Amherst taxpayers? $40

Cost to credibility of acting Co-Superintendent Sprague: Priceless!


Anonymous said...

A NEW Low for the Town of Amherst!

Anonymous said...

To Crouse, Bohonowicz and Sprague:

Sieg Heil!

Anonymous said...

What was the stated reason? Desires warm water?

Anonymous said...

It's a lot more than $40 Larry. How much time did Sprague take out of his day to file the order--someone had to type it up and file it-- Knightly spent his time to deliver it-the gas he used, etc,etc
All they had to do 2 weeks ago is fix the water temperature.
What department is accountable?(maybe a silly question, but are they doing their jobs)

Anonymous said...

I came to Amherst in 1959. Back then we used to read the newspapers laughing at the political happenings in Hadley. We would slow down driving through Dodge City (Belchertown) for fear of being pulled over. We would smugly compare school academic scores, and the fact that we didn't have any commercial developments. Oh, what an attitude some Amherst citizens had!
And now this! My, how times have changed. A No Trespass Order to someone who wants warm water for the kids. Guess a Suggestion Box would indeed be a threat. Keep up the great work Larry.

Anonymous said...

Take a hint.

Anonymous said...

Now you've gone and done it. You've been a bad boy. Go to your room.

Alison said...

Wow! Can people just be given a Trespass Order without having to state a reason? Either way, this seems like a very extreme measure and one that will undoubtedly create more unnecessary controversy for our schools. Poorly handled by our Supers, I would say.

Anonymous said...

Gee Larry,

Don't they know you can enter any town building because it belongs to the public?

I would chain yourself to the front door if I were you.

We'll bring you hot cocoa.

Anonymous said...


Yes they can get a trespass order. They have a reason. He doesn't go to school there.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Larry as the last person said hot cocoa, along with food and 120 degree water to wash up before you eat. That is what my mom taught me, to wash before I eat, words to live by my friend.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah Alison, that too is what I wonder about.

Can the Town Manager simply get a trespass order to keep me out of Town Hall (a public building that hosts Select Board meetings) simply because he does not like me asking questions and criticizing him or the Select Board on this blog?

And now I cannot cover any School Committee meetings (held on school property) without Mein Fuehrer's prior approval.

Anonymous said...

To Anon who said "Don't they know you can enter any town building because it belongs to the public?"

A courthouse is a public building but you normally can't just walk into courthouse without going through metal detectors and such. If you try to, you get a lot more than a trespass notice. So the "public building" argument doesn't work.

Whether a trespass notice is a correct response for not following the rules about entering the school (signing in at the office) is a different question.

But why not just follow the rules, it’s not hard.

Anonymous said...

You brought this upon yourself. You didn't belong there. You were confrontational when they tried to tell you that.

Anonymous said...


I've got a story for you to cover. A middle-aged man, that has no children attending one of our schools, keeps entering the school and refuses to leave when asked.

It would make a great news item on how to keep this possible menace away from our children.

LarryK4 said...

Well nitwit, a Courthouse is a lot more concerned about guns, knifes or grenades as opposed to a $99 digital camera.

I did follow the "rules". I announced myself at Central Office (located about 20 yards from the bathroom in question), had the highly paid Principal accompany me into the bathroom (where no children were present) and then simply took one photo of a thermometer that was in the water stream for two minutes coming out of the "hot" sink faucet.

LarryK4 said...

Other 2 Nitwit Anon's:

I was never asked to leave. I was not "confrontational"--but at the same time I'm not a freaken anonymous wimp like you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but I can enter the schools;

In, out, in, out, in...

Oh, I forgot, you can't do that.


Anonymous said...

At least you didn't get arrested like you asked to be:

December 12, 2008 8:45 AM
LarryK4 said...

"In fact, one of the very first things I said to Mr. Sprague was "go ahead and have me arrested...Make my day!"

Anonymous said...


Perhaps if you tried a fundamentally new approach. How about something that starts with saying you're sorry. Appologies work wonders.

Anonymous said...

"In fact, one of the very first things I said to Mr. Sprague was "go ahead and have me arrested...Make my day!"

Nothing confrontational there.

Anonymous said...

"Nitwit" Anon stands corrected: didn't know you announced and were accompanied by the Principal. Thought elsewhere on this blog it said otherwise. My apologies.

maryd said...

So Larry, does this mean you have to get permission to attend town meeting at the middle school? Or if I were to invite you to watch my kids play a basketball or baseball game you'd have to ask first? Is there a time limit on how long this is in effect?

Anonymous said...

You weren't confrontational? You were nothing but confrontational.

Don't start rewriting history as you were the one who reported the history.

Anonymous said...

Forget the bully pulpit. Perhaps their tired of the town bully.

LarryK4 said...

(Nitwit Anon 5:19 PM) Yeah, well, try to pay attention.

Have you heard a single town official (and for all we know all these nitwit Anons are town officials) admit or deny the freaken water temperature is under 80 degrees?

No, they would rather bash the messenger. Attack my methodology, but not my motivation. The simple fact of the matter is I have tested the water three times now and it has never been above 80 degrees.

Is that acceptable? (if the answer is "yes", you are a nitwit)

Hey Mary D:
Yeah that's an interesting question. Will I need Mein Furor's permission to attend Town Meeting this Spring (although let's hope he and his wife are history by then)

Anonymous said...

It is dumb not to give some kind of an answer even if the messenger is a maniac. Probably the answer is the water heater sucks and they don't have the money to replace it. Not sure why they don't just come out an say it.

Tony said...

Wow, what a cowardly action. They know Larry poses no threat to anyone. Why haven't they instead responded with a reason (and maybe an apology) as to why the hot water is off to elementary grade kids? Is it pride holding them back, because it's Larry on their case? Why isn't the superintendant's office getting inundated with angry letters from angry parents? Why isn't this on the news(yet)?

Anonymous said...

Hey Larry, do you have any real solutions, or are you just going to bitch until the cows come home? If the public schools didn't have to share their cut of state funding with "public" charter schools, they might have the money to fix this problem, if a problem even exsits. By the way, nice picture. Why don't you wash your clothes and get a haircut.

Anonymous said...

Substitute superintendent - what a waste- The schools would be better off without them!

Anonymous said...

I'll second that!

Anonymous said...

As Annie Leonard is currently overseeing the high school- I'm thinking *she* should be on the order (and that the substitute superintendent should know this!)
Hopefully Mark is being left alone (not having to deal with this or the FaceBook news story while on leave)

Ed Cutting said...

First, they are now treating Larry like a UMass student. For those who don't understand the edge on many of my issues, try being treated like Larry was today, each and every day.

Second, if Larry has been trespassed from *all* ARSD property, that raises a very interesting legal issue. As he is an *elected* town meeting member, I do not believe that the town is allowed to lease space for any town meeting function in a venue he is not permitted to enter. In other words, the town now has to rent another hall to hold town meetings in. The Mullins Center comes to mind, but that gets pricey and scheduling isn't going to be what folks want.

Third, my knowledge of trespassing people from public space is more applicable to UMass (where I have been involved in getting scary people trespassed and kept trespassed) but the law likely is the same. The US Constitution is the same.

Basically, you have a right to appeal to a higher authority and if they don't let you do it, your civil rights are violated. They have to have a legitimate valid reason, which they screwed up when the office signed you in and the principal let you into the bathroom. Had either had the brains to say "no" (or "please wait until my boss gets here" which is what *I* would have done) then they would have had you for a violation of rules and hence grounds for trespass.

But they don't have that. They are going to be hard pressed to *prove* that the glass shred was from Larry and not something else. And if they can't maintain security of their own buildings, what if a terrorist decided to stumble in???

(Doors to schools are supposed to be LOCKED....)

As an educator, I am rarely surprised at how stupid those in my profession can be, but even still, this surprises me. I think they f*****d up badly today... And no, I don't approve of dealing with problems this way.

Anonymous said...

As to "Mark" -- well, folks in Boston had some choice comments when he was working for the charter school industry back in '04 or so....

Anonymous said...

"I have tested the water three times now and it has never been above 80 degrees."

So, did you even contact the Board of Health and ask them what the water temperature is required to be before you started this silly crusade?

BTW, charter schools are not more efficient with a dollar than public schools. They just don't have to educate all the special needs students that need one to one teacher/student ratios.

The statistics on their academic performance are nothing to crow about either. A recent study showed that despite all the hype from the charter school lobby test scores actually were lower at charter schools.

Town meeting won't have to move. That's the dumbest thing anyone has said on this blog to date. Larry will just have to ask permission to attend.

Asking permission; what a novel concept.

One more thing, Larry, you are not a member of the press. A blog is the lemonade stand of the 2000s. You're one notch below public access TV shows.

Anonymous said...

Larry's been banned from our schools?

Good news Larry, you finally provided a reason for the town to fly flags every day!

LarryK4 said...

Actually while I was at Wildwood I forgot to check and see if they have a US flag flying.

Although I did a photo shoot yesterday at the High School (before the Sheriff handed me my Trespass Notice; although I took the photo from a public road directly in front of the High School so I'm not sure how that would work)

And did notice the flag out front was bright and vibrant (one thing about Hochman--the man had respect for our symbol of freedom)

Anonymous said...

Larry did contact the Board of Health; see his “Kill the messenger!” blog post.

But listen:

Notwithstanding whatever people think is right or wrong about the current substitute superintendent’s action, why do people have to be so antagonistic to the public schools?
Public school systems everywhere are generally trying to do their best at what is perhaps the most important job we have to do – educate the next generation. But they have a tough time doing this because of:

• Being funded primarily by property taxes is crazy – it should be 100% state and federal funding. That is getting worse with state aid cuts that are getting deeper all the time. Federal funding is minuscule.

• Special needs kids are a big burden and cost a lot, but we are morally and legally obligated to pick up that cost. If you don’t like this because you don’t have a special needs kid, you should instead be very thankful your kids don’t have special needs (mine don’t, but I know people who do).

• Increasingly the public schools have been picking up the slack for all kinds of social problems from kids coming to school high on something to homeless kids – yup there are homeless kids going to Amherst schools (not on-the-street homeless, but homeless in that they move from friend’s house to friend’s house).

Sure the Amherst Public Schools can do better. For one thing they need to be a LOT more responsive communication-wise; like why the heck not just say what the cause of this water problem is – people will understand if they say they don’t have the money to replace a lousy hot water heater.

But we should be trying to help them get better, not attack them all the time.

Is that a frustrating task? Yup it sure is. So is almost anything worth doing.

LarryK4 said...

So far, acting Co-Superintendent Sprague is doing all the attacking.

I have not yet even assumed 'Battle Stations' (but I'm getting pretty close)

Anonymous said...

"I have not yet even assumed 'Battle Stations' (but I'm getting pretty close)"

Yeah, Larry, really go to war with them. Go ahead and waste more town time and money. That's being a good concerned citizen.

Maybe that's why you dress like Dennis the Menace.

Anonymous said...

You got served by the sheriff?

I thought your tinfoil hat would repel him.

Why don't you try shouting "I'm a journalist! I'm a journalist."

Maybe that will do it.

Anonymous said...

Larry I wasn't just referring to you when I talked about "attacking" above, even though you are; I was more referring to other commentators on this post and other posts.

But regarding you, here is another way you could have approached this:

You know people, and could have found out what maintenance person would know about the water heater situation at this school. So what you could have done is talk to that person and say “Hey bud, seems like there is no hot water in the school, probably a crappy water heater huh?” By doing that you would have found out better information and then offer better more specific suggestions to both better inform and to help.

That’s what good reporters do. Or did you do that can got nowhere?

Anonymous said...

Typo: Or did you do that and got nowhere?

Anonymous said...

No better warm and fuzzy feeling than know a man can go into a school bathroom with a camera. Is there not a better way to go about things without being an ass?

On a side note, how does it cost us $40?

Max Hartshorne said...

Jeez I am comment number 45 here so I wonder if this is beating a dead horse. But this commmenter had it right "You know people, and could have found out what maintenance person would know about the water heater situation at this school. So what you could have done is talk to that person and say “Hey bud, seems like there is no hot water in the school, probably a crappy water heater huh?” By doing that you would have found out better information and then offer better more specific suggestions to both better inform and to help.

I think Larry you do go at things a little harsh...and not having any kids at any of the schools in question removes your stake...I think that commenter above said something worth noting.

Anonymous said...

Someone probably mentioned to Larry that there was no hot water in the bathrooms and he decided that he'd go in with a thermometer and a camera.


Because he's Mr. Helpful.

The problem is that he's really just the town busybody.

It's not like he was hired to troubleshoot our schools, he's just nosy.

All this pretending to be a reporter is really just a smoke screen.

He's not really interested in being helpful; he's looking to get attention.

Why don't you go down to Big Y with your camera and take pictures of any melons that have blemishes?

You can post the photos on your blog Mr. Helpful.

Anonymous said...

Definition: busybody

a person who meddles in the affairs of others

Someone who interferes with others; one who is nosy, intrusive or meddlesome

intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner; "bustling about self-importantly...

Anonymous said...

The tide has turned....and so ends a brilliant career of the cub investigative reporter...

Anonymous 3

Anonymous said...

I have to ask, if Larry is such a "busy body" without merit, why do you all read and respond to his blog? And with such distaste. He certainly strikes a nerve. And the anger he brings out! As my daughter would say --- "What's up with that"? Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks they doth protest too much

It seems to me that Larry hit a nerve. Maybe they “react” so strongly to persuade him from looking deeper into what’s going on in Amherst. A Trespass Order for wanting children to have hot water? What would these people do if he found something really corrupt. Larry they are trying to silence you-don’t give up.


Anonymous said...

Every village throughout history had a busybody who was convinced that everyone else's business was their own.

The self-rightous attitude part of their delusion.

LarryK4 said...

(Thanks Anon 3:24 and 3:45 PM I had planned to mention that in this response that I have been working on since early this morning)

Well Anon 3 (whatever the Hell that means) as I said earlier I actually have to work today.

And to that other (asshole) Anon again suggesting that by bringing a camera into a bathroom that I’m a pervert: the funny thing is (asshole) Anon I now at least know you are not Superintendent Sprague (but that's the ONLY thing I know about you) because 3 times during our brief conversation in the school office 2 days ago I only made two points stand out (well, in addition to the temperature readout my thermometer displayed).

(1) I resented immeasurable the inference that I'm a pedophile trying to take pictures of young boys going to the bathroom. Each time his defense (because he had said in a phone conversation after my first upload something about "skulking around a children's bathroom with a camera") was that Commenter on my blog had made the inference (So, hmmmm that's okay for you to run with it?)

And (2) No children were present in the bathroom during the entire time Principal Behnke and I were in there (total time about 3.5 minutes). This is made clear with Mr. Behnke at least three times.

I did previously spend 5 or 6 minutes in the hallway watching the boy's room to make sure there was nobody in there.

Interestingly at one point a male adult (who I assumed to be a teacher) entered the bathroom and I couldn't help but notice a cell phone dangling from his hip. And it looked like a smart phone with built in camera. Hmmm....

And after he left I quickly went to the Main Office to announce myself. Some woman says, "He's been here for 15 minutes.” I say "No, more like 8 or 9." She retreats to a backroom.

But the point is if I had sneaked in an ice cube to fudge the thermometer readout (with Principal Behnke watching the ENTIRE time) it probably would have melted during the 8 or 9 minutes in the hallway.

What cost you $40? (Other nitwit Anon, assuming you are an Amherst taxpayer) The Sheriff to drive to my Health Club and deliver "in hand" the trespass order.

Fortunately we go W-A-Y back (he worked with my father over 45 years ago (ironically enough in the plumbing business) so he called me first at my house and informed me of the impending process and asked where would I like to be served. And since my wife freaks out at crap like this I had to think for a moment how to best handle this.

I said "could you drop it off at my Club and I'll pick it up?" and he replied "No, I have to hand it to you directly."

So we made arrangement to meet (although I did shave, I guess I should have dressed up in my Sunday finest to satisfy one of the other nitwit Anon’s who is overly fashion conscious).

Hey Max! (Glad you survived Iran): So “not having kids in the system removes my stake?” Hmmmm. Well within eyesight of my Health Club in South Amherst is the building where the Chinese Charter School spent the first year of existence. A private Montessori School still exists there. So if I look out my upstairs window and see the building billowing smoke I should not call 911 to report a problem, simply because my kids are not involved?

As I said before, you South Deerfield folk let the damn Indians run off with your women three hundred years ago.

Sometimes you have to have a freaken core, and fight for what is right. And 80 degrees (what the hell is water the temperature at your business?) is not even close.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I have to ask, if Larry is such a "busy body" without merit, why do you all read and respond to his blog? And with such distaste. He certainly strikes a nerve. And the anger he brings out! As my daughter would say --- "What's up with that"? Food for thought.

January 10, 2009 3:24 PM

I would say its for the same reason that people watch Jerry Springer.

Ed said...

The more I think about this, not only did the Supt do the absolutely most stupid thing possible but there are multiple civil rights issues here. And this isn't the first time an educator has tried a stunt like this, although the first I am aware of in as stupid and indefensible circumstance as this.

(The other involves the infamous FistGate scandal in Eastern Mass.)

And they are damn lucky they did it to Larry and not me, as I would already have gone to the nukes. Like getting the Supts' educator licenses yanked directly through the DoE or indirectly via a 51A complaint. A formal request to Bonnie to have Wildwood condemned as in violation of code. All kinds of health reports on the local, state and US DoE level.

I also would be circulating a petition for a special town meeting to vote no confidence in the ARSD leadership, filing a Federal Section 1983 civil suit against him personally for violation of civil rights under color of law and likely another against the district for libel.

And then I would be doing things like filing requests to view public records which - since they won't let you into the building to see, they have to send/take into Boston -- while it is a pain to have to go there, I would do it out of spite.

They declared war, and my attitude in such circumstances is to "nuke them until they glow so you can shoot them in the dark."

And I don't know if the folks running things in Amherst are truly stupid or if there is a lot more they are covering up, but it is a distinction without a difference. The problem with public administration is that you have to remember that everything you do is PUBLIC and that you are a PUBLIC SERVANT. Don't like that, go private sector...

Ed said...

One other thing -- the town mangler is quoted in today's Gazette saying that he essentially doesn't care what the law is (having been told that the four unrelated person ordinance is now likely illegal) he will do as he pleases.

What a message to give to young people - that the law can be ignored if you choose. And while he wants the UMass students to obey *his* laws (muni ordinances) *he* isn't going to obey other laws. What a message to give to impressionable young people....

Ed said...

I am not sure this is a legal trespass notice.

Two things come to mind. First, every one I have ever gotten a copy of (FERPA prevents me from saying more, but yes, I have been involved in getting these written) cites the statute.

And second, the "without permission" throws the whole thing in the toilet. It is kinda like being pregnant -- either you are not permitted on the property or you are. They can revoke it (I honestly don't know if this has to be formally served or not) but they simply can't do this half-a**** "without permission" stuff.

Anonymous said...


On January 9, 2009 4:48 PM you said this:

“I did follow the "rules". I announced myself at Central Office (located about 20 yards from the bathroom in question), had the highly paid Principal accompany me into the bathroom”

And on January 10, 2009 3:53 PM you said this:

“And after he left I quickly went to the Main Office to announce myself. Some woman says, "He's been here for 15 minutes.” I say "No, more like 8 or 9." She retreats to a backroom.”

So which is it, did you announce yourself and grab the Principal to come with you when you first entered or not? Did you follow the rules or didn’t you?

Anonymous said...

Anon's (January 10, 2009 5:59 PM) point is important as to whether or not the trespass notice made sense. Breaking rules might warrant the notice, not breaking rules does not.

LarryK4 said...

Anon 5:59 (and how weird is it that I have to designate these nitwit Anons by the time/date stamp?)

Well I (after spending 8 minutes scoping out the scene) went into the office and announced myself. The 8 minutes were spent by the very front gee, maybe that was a violation.

At that point the underpaid secretary said something about me hanging out for "15 minutes". If she had said 10 I would have let is slide--but there's a big difference between 8 and 15 so I called her on it. She did not put up an argument.

Just as there is a BIG difference between 80 degree's at the faucet tap and 120. (you freaken nitwit)

Anonymous said...

"A formal request to Bonnie to have Wildwood condemned as in violation of code."

Ah, yes, that would really be serving the children of Amherst. Now they would have no place to go to school.

That's the problem with you delusional nutjobs, you think everything is about you.

Anonymous said...

Busybody personalties genuinely think that their nosiness is doing everybody a favor. They have a problem with bounderies.

Anonymous said...

"Well I (after spending 8 minutes scoping out the scene) went into the office and announced myself. The 8 minutes were spent by the very front gee, maybe that was a violation."

It's not a violation, it's just nutty behaviour.

Were you wearing a ninja suit Mr. Stealth when you were doing your "scoping"?

LarryK4 said...

Nahhhhh, the "security" was so freaken nonexistent I did not need a Ninja outfit.

Hell, I could have been butt naked and nobody would have noticed (but then, where would I hide my camera?)

Anonymous said...

Haven't two of his biggest brew-ha-ha's been over plumbing issues: wastewater at Umass (in 2007) and hotwater at W'Wood (now)?

And Larry's father was a plumber?

This isn't merely "ironic" - it sounds like unresolved father-son conflict - can he get some professional help before this becomes full-blown psychopathy?

Anonymous said...

"Busybody personalties genuinely think that their nosiness is doing everybody a favor. They have a problem with bounderies."

Here's the core problem. Let's all look the other way and call it psychological appropriateness. If Larry is a busybody we need about 100 more of them in Amherst!

Anonymous said...

I think at the heart of any busybody is someone starved for attention that they cover up with "rightous" crusading for justice.

Anonymous said...

I twittered about this if you don't mind (I have 700 followers..I'm sure the world will get out).

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for all the school administrators, town public servants that have to put up with Larry. It's hard enough to do a good job with already tight budgets having to be slashed.

LarryK4 said...

No problem there Celticagent--the more people who know about this travesty the better.

Even the crusty Gazette will have to get around to it on Monday (for publication on Tuesday) now that that "official documentation" has been produced (the "trespass order") and my official letter to the Amherst Board of Health.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, gee Anon it's so freaken bad these town employees have to put up with the likes of me--a guy who pays their freaken salary.

And how many millions of Americans in the private sector LOST THEIR JOBS in the last three or four months?

Ahhh, but pity the poor town employee; who still have their job and their cost of living increase and their step increase but having to deal with the likes of me.


Anonymous said...

I didn't call you a name.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah Anon, but you don't have a name; so I'm giving you one: Nitwit.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, gee Anon it's so freaken bad these town employees have to put up with the likes of me--a guy who pays their freaken salary."

There's nothing hard working police, firemsan, teachers, etc. hate more than the "I pay your salary" shtick.

Yeah, and they put our your fires, fix your potholes, protect your neighborhood and teach your children so get over it.

Anonymous said...

So- if someone from the office saw you in the hallway 5 to 10 minutes before you checked in... why didn't they greet you and offer assistance?
A reminder to check in/ sign in at the office.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't they roll out a red carpet and throw rose petals at your feet?

Gibber said...

If the Gazette is going to investigate, make sure they go all the way to Bohonowicz... ask him what he's been telling the maint dept/drivers to do about all this... There's a little story right there.

And if they don't get the word out, then I will... I promise.

Larry, they probably pulled that glass from the drain pipe and lied about the kid finding it.

If true then Bohonowicz should be

We've got your back, prince of Amherst!

Ed said...

One thing being missed in all of this -- most likely (and I say this with experience) the problem with hot water at Wildwood is being caused by a cross connection -- the hot water being mixed with the general cold supply and thus the efforts to heat the hot actually serving to heat the cold.

In addition to everything else, this is causing unnecessary Carbon DiOxide to be released into the atmposphere for those of you who belive the global warming myth.

And Bonnie ought to be dealing with this as it is code....

Ed said...

The more I think about this, I can't believe that the superintendent was stupid enough to deal with Larry this way. And there are lots of interesting questions because *Amherst* (and not the ARSD) has police powers over the school properties.

And he didn't even write the trespass notice right.

So if Larry goes downtown to the we-hate-men center and buys a ticket to the Vagina Monologues, he *has* a written invitation to school property. Likewise when the town sends him the town meeting warrant.

Like I said, I can't believe this guy was this stupid....

Anonymous said...

> Ah, yes, that would really be
> serving the children of
> Amherst. Now they would have no
> place to go to school.

By the same token, concerned persons ought not to have filed the lawsuit regarding the Belchertown State School.....

Anonymous said...

It is all about Larry. This should get him in the papers for a week or two. Then it is on to the next issue that would be solved sooner if Larry wasn't lobbying for the fix. He is the least effective politician I have ever seen. I would actually like to see him on the other side of any issue I care about.


LarryK4 said...

Thanks for stopping by Mark.

Obviously on this issue, we are on opposite sides.

Anonymous said...

I agree with theposter that said that you are a busybody.

A busybody is not a stalker.

I think, since you know you are not a stalker (you don’t have a predatory intent), that you think people just get mad at your behavior because they are trying to protect the status quo.

But you are a busybody.

Perhaps, because people encourage your behavior, you don’t even realize that you are a busybody.

The thing that defines a busybody is the meddling. Busybodies inject themselves into the business of others.

Let’s look at this school issue. You don’t work there or have children who go to school there. It’s not your business so to speak. Sure you live in the town, but that doesn’t mean everyone in town should meddle in the running of the schools.

Now, getting a thermometer and marching into the school to measure the water temperature in the boys room is meddlesome enough, what tells me you exhibit extreme busybody behavior is that you felt compelled to go back, even after it was clear they didn’t want you there.

It’s compulsive.

You[re not going to change, because this is a severe psychological disorder.

You cover it by trying to couch it in terms of being a journalist, but it’s really busybody behavior.

Reporters report.

If you kept your ear to the ground and reported on the Select Board, Town Meeting, and the going on in town like other bloggers that might be a bit gossipy but interfering in the affairs of others is where you take a sharp turn off the psychological cliff.

Interjecting yourself into other people’s business…


Anonymous said...

"It's Larry Kelley", said the women in unison when you entered the Wildwood office.

The Wildwood office isn't that welcoming (ignores visitors/ parents)they were definitely up to something!

It was obviously spoken loud enough for Matt to hear and respond. Central office was most likely notified when the women noticed you in the hallway.

LarryK4 said...

Anon 8:54 AM:
Lady Astor said sterny: "Mr. Churchill, you're drunk!"

Winston Churchill (no relation to Andy), replied: "Yes, and you, Madam, are ugly. But tomorrow, I
shall be sober."

Sooooo...because my daughter does not attend Wildwood (although she would have if the Chinese Charter School did not find a building in South Amherst last year)I have no right to say anything about the operation?

Well if the buidling across the street from my Club that formerly housed the Chinese Charter School and still houses a Montessori School we're to catch fire I should not pick up my phone and call the Fire Department?

You may think me a busybody on this issue, but tomorrow I will be on to another one (although Tuesday the School Committee may take this up so I may go cover that) and tomorrow you will still be a nitwit.

Anonymous said...

If you all go back and read everything about this topic posted here from Larry’s first post on 12/09/2008, you will see that it’s perfectly reasonable that Superintendent Sprague issued Larry a trespass notice.

First, Larry starts things out with this on his 12/09/08 post “Do as I say! (Not as I do)”:

“I decided to be that investigative journalist I always wanted to be and took a trip up to Wildwood this afternoon, figuring a formal Freedom of Information request could take weeks.”

Why doesn’t he just ask this question: “I hear there is no hot water, is that true and why?” You don’t need a Freedom of Information request to do that.

Then in his 12/11/2008 post "Houston, we have a problem" he decides to go back, this time with a thermometer and he decides he doesn’t need to follow the rules:

“Then he [Sprague] asked if I “signed in” to enter the building, which of course I did not.”

Why not? You’re supposed to – there is sign that says so. And again, now that you know there is no hot water from your previous visit why not just ask somebody why?

Finally, he decides to go back a third time, and tells us about that in his “Kill the messenger!” post of 1/8/09. In that he says:

“He [Principal Matt Behnke] then requested I return after school lets out.”

Larry refused, saying:

“I said I had to pee and I’m going to use the bathroom; he followed me in. He even looked around to make sure no children were present (because I said if so, I would leave immediately).”

He could have done this after school as requested. Then while in the bathroom:

“While the water was still running I whipped out my camera. He [Behnke] said, “Please do not take a picture”. I said “Why?” He said, “Because I was told not to let you take a picture”. I said “Not good enough” and I took the picture.”

When you’re in a school, really you’re supposed to do what the Principal asks you to. Then Sprague came by and they went to an office:

“He [Sprague] accused me of lying about “picking up the pieces” of the broken thermometer from my previous visit and he actually produced from a folded white business envelope the glass tubular part of the thermometer (completely intact with red dye that is NOT mercury still dutifully recording room temperature) and said a child found it.”

So apparently Larry had left pieces of his broken thermometer lying around. Yes the mercury thing is over blown, but pieces of broken glass that a child finds is not.

And amazingly, still no reporting of whether he ever asked the question about why there is no hot water.

Come on folks, if you were Sprague you would not do the same thing?


Now this is not at all excusing the school system at all for not giving the answer (if they haven’t); they should give an answer of course. But usually you have to ask a question if you want to get an answer.

Next time Larry, ask the question instead of pretending you are Bob Woodward. Even Bob tries that method first.

- Anon Bob

Anonymous said...

Banned from the Town Meeting listserve.

Served a No Tresspass.

I see a trend.

Anonymous said...

Anon Bob,

Beautifully summarized. Larry actually seeks conflict and then plays it up as if he's some kind of victim.

Anonymous said...

It's part of the psychological disorder.

Anonymous said...

I've lived in this town for over 15 years, have three children in the schools (elementary, middle and high school).
It has always been interesting to see just how defensive and illogically ignorant both town officials, school officials, bloggers, etc. become when issues are brought up. It doesn't seem to matter if it is a law violation or simple priciple of decency...for some reason a certain segments seem to feel that it is always the person(s) who found and stirred up the issues that is at fault. Quite the double standard. If there is an issue that is public related or concerns townspeople or their children...then dealing with why the issue was found in the first place and why it exists is more fundammental than the childlike attacks on those who find them.
Very disturbing and embarassing.

Anonymous said...

Who ever first discovered this 80 degree water "crisis", and it obviously wasn't Larry, could have simply talked to the School Board and the Board of Health. They could have written a letter to the editor t the Amherst Bulletin.

Getting Larry involved just turns this into another of Larry's comical antics that distracts from whatever the real problem is because it becomes all about Larry.

Anonymous said...

"Sooooo...because my daughter does not attend Wildwood...I have no right to say anything about the operation?"

Yup. Ever heard the expression "None of your beeswax"?

Anonymous said...

"Well if the buidling across the street from my Club that formerly housed the Chinese Charter School and still houses a Montessori School we're to catch fire I should not pick up my phone and call the Fire Department?"

Nice try, and a completely innacurrate characterization of your actions.

This school was not across from your club, was not burning down, and you did not call the fired department.

More accurately, it was across town, not burning (tepid water temperature is not exactly the threat level of a fire), and you were playing "fireman" rather than calling the professionals.

LarryK4 said...

So once again Anon (whatever hell number we're up to): are you defending under 80 degree water at the tap, apparently that way (or worse) since September but possibly for the past 3 or 4 or even 10 years?

So if I was biking by Wildwood (which I do quite often), and had to stop in and take a pee and found the water temperature to be scalding hot (150) should I just shut the hell up?

Anonymous said...

You keep making up hypotheticals that show how thin your argument is. You weren't biking by and it wasn't scalding hot.

How did you get involved in the case of the luke-warm water?

Anonymous said...

BTW, if you are biking by and have to take a pee, go someplace else. Our schools are not a bus station.

O'Reilly said...

Larry, require authentication on your blog so we don't have so many socket pupppets. Its impossible to tell one poster from another.

Sprague thinks his job is too demanding without your meddling so he's decided to play his strongest card and hopes that keeps you out of his hair and out of "his" schools.

He thinks he can dismiss you as a nuisance, regardless of all of the reasons you might need access including school activities, town government, community activities and safety issues that his staff is neglecting.

He's not thinking ahead, he's trying to deal with his "problems" one at a time. The consequences of his solution are not something he considers because he regards you as a nuisance and is prepared to eliminate you as one of his problems.

Thing is, he could spend the an hour a week responding to your written requests for access for this reason or that reason and then worry about you being there, or he can have a conversation with you about hot water in Wildwood. In fact, that's the first letter I would write. Ask him for access so he can meet with you to discuss hot water in Wildwood.

His tresspas notice probably wouldn't stand up to a review if you challenge it because you are not a threat, you followed procedure at Wildwood, and so his response - denial of your right to access Amherst Schools without prior written approval - is excessive given the facts.

He will be given wide latitude to characterize his concerns about you but in the end, they did grant you access and nothing you did can be construed as a danger or threat. Once your purpose of being in Wildwood is clear, the only question is whether you handled your inquiry appropriately, rather than wether you pose a danger. That takes the whole trespass issue off the table.

After the letter requesting access for a meeting with him about hot water in Wildwood, I think I would take the approach of asking him to explain in writing what concern(s) he has, that brought him to engage the sherrif and restrict your access to schools in Amherst and why you are being treated with a different set of rules than other residents. This one I would not do in person but in writing.

O'Reilly said...

If he gives you a stiff arm, that is to say, if he is non-responsive to your requests for a meeting, write the school board and ask them if they will meet with you or whether the Super should be saying yes.

Make sure you give him time - 7 days? - to respond to your written request to attend town government meetings in the middle school.

If you miss meetings or any other school-located activity because he did not respond. write him and ask him to rescind the trespass order because it, and his lack of responsiveness, is keeping you from participating in town government (school athletic contests, theater - maybe Vagina Dialogues!, etc).

Anonymous said...

The No Trespass will stand up because Larry has no legitimate business to conduct there and the schol officials have a right to determine who is allowed access to their facility. "I want to know" is not legitimate business. It's just being nosey. Now, if he had a child that went to school there it wuld be different. But in this case he's just a "concerned citizen?" and the school's mandate is to teach children not to provide access to everyone with a question or that wants to take a pee.


Anon on Purpose (because I don't want to be stalked)

Anonymous becuase I don't stand behind my words and I'm afraid said...

No Tresspass if challenged would stand up because Larry does not pose a threat to people things or order... unless all residents are required to to obtain written permission in advance.

Anonymous said...

Larry, I would sue.

First, last and only word.


LarryK4 said...

I'll probably go to the School Committee meeting Tuesday night as I believe this Wildwood water issue may be on the agenda (and as a citizen journalist I do not feel like I should have to ask permission of anybody to cover public events in a public building)

So yeah, if Sprague has me arrested for trespass violation I will bring court action (against him personally).

Anonymous said...

" a citizen journalist"

Translation: I've got a blog and so I'm a pretend journalist.

Anonymous said...

"if Sprague has me arrested for trespass violation I will bring court action (against him personally)."

Ah, yes, the Dirty Harry of the Wildwood set. I can't wait to see this one get laughed out of court.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you get your crayons out and draw a press badge so you can show it at the door?

After all, if you don't cover the lukewarm water issue who will?

LarryK4 said...

Well last three Anons, my blog sure seems to keep you entertained.

Anonymous said...

Entertained? Definitely. It's a fascinating quirk of human nature that people are entertained by watching other people humiliate themselves (e.g., reality TV). So there's something in blogging for everybody.

The blogger gets to feel legitimized by the number of people who follow his blog. Nothing need be accurate on the blog. It really is fun to see how outrageous/self-righteous the blogger can get. People who point out mistakes/exaggerations/fabrications are ridiculed by the blogger (e.g., name calling, claims of not being "masculine" enough, even though the blogger has no idea if the anonymous writer is a man or woman, boy or girl).

And for the readers, at no charge at all, great theater. The blogger, who believes he is reporting news, becomes the brunt of jokes around town (Did you see what Kelley claimed this week??), and the blogger can dismiss the people that disagree with him as "nitwits" and on occasion threaten them. And like the watchers of reality TV, the readers have a good laugh. See! There's something in this for everybody.

There is only harm in this if anybody takes it seriously, and other than the blogger and a couple of alter-egos of the blogger who are thrown in to show agreement with the blogger (O’Reilly?), almost nobody does.

So entertaining? Definitely.

Anonymous said...

Shhh! If you let the secret out we'll lose our free source of entertainment. Then we'll have to go back to watching Dr. Phil.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, Anon 2:18 PM:
I just can't create enough alter-egos to keep up with guys like you. Of course if you check my open-to-the public sitemeter you will see my numbers keep climbing and the IP's are all over the map (as apposed to just this little old Mac)

Anonymous said...

There is only harm in this if anybody takes it seriously, and other than the blogger and a couple of alter-egos of the blogger who are thrown in to show agreement with the blogger (O’Reilly?), almost nobody does.

Nice twist on the narrative. Socio-pathic yes, but an "A" for effort...

LarryK4 said...

Well, you seem to take it seriously enough to come calling often enough.

OR: maybe you're one of my alter egos:
"I am he as you are he as you are me
And we are all together "