Thursday, January 22, 2009

God bless America (but then, this is Amherst)

How embarrassing is this: the ACLU is at odds with the People's Republic of Amherst. Yikes!

So let's hope Town Manager Shaffer has bigger and better things on his plate rather than costing the taxpayers over $10,000 to launch a competing July 4'th Parade so war protesters can march.

And last I looked the War in Iraq is pretty much over and guess what? We won! (and they hate that).

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Anonymous said...

"last I looked the War in Iraq is pretty much over and guess what? We won!"

Oh joy! $2 trillion later we get the door prize of getting to leave. You know, the Romans brought back treasure, not just blood.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, and a year or so ago you opposed (as did President Obama and all the other Dems)'The Surge'.

Freedom is a priceless treasure--and it ain't free.

Anonymous said...

We already had freedom. Now we have 4,229 dead soldiers and 30,634 wounded.

And, the real war, Afghanistan, is close to lost if not already lost.

LarryK4 said...

That's what you said about Iraq a year or so ago.

Anonymous said...

and how many innocent Iraquis are dead? Was it 800,000 or a million. a million here, a million there, pretty soon you're talking real people. Oh, they probably didn't believe in freedom like us folks, so they don't count. Yup... mission accomplished.

On the bright side, we finally found somebody who thinks this was a win and we did get rid of those WMDs.

LarryK4 said...

As I said to my friend Max on his blog a few days ago:

And where exactly would the world be today if the Israeli Air Force had NOT taken out Saddam Hussein’s Al Tuwaitha Nuclear Research Center in 1981?

Anonymous said...

The fact is we pulled our best troops out of Afghanistan to go to Iraq, underfunded, under-supplied, and had too low troop levels, and now that has come back to haunt us.

We are going to try a surge in Afghanistan but it is a very different country with more difficult terrain and with hardened fighters not just a local insurgency.

Our own generals see no way to win this war, surge or no surge.

This is not being covered by the US press but Britain has a dog in this fight so they give it a lot of coverage. Here's one example:

Victory impossible in Afghanistan: senior British commander

CBC News

Western forces in Afghanistan will never be able to win the war against insurgents and may need to include the Taliban in any long-term solution, Britain's senior commander in the country says in a report.

An absolute military victory in Afghanistan is impossible, Brig.-Gen. Mark Carleton-Smith told England's Sunday Times newspaper.

Ed said...

First, the CBC is to the left of the American driveby media. So this is sorta like quoting Rush Limbaugh as a primary source.

Second, of course we have to involve the Taliban in any final solution, much the way we involved the Germans in the West German govt, are involving the Iraqis in the new Iraq government, and is in alignment with our stated goals.

We don't intend to occupy Afganistan, nor do we intend to kill every living Afgan. Unlike Ann Coulter, we don't intend to convert them to Christanity, either. We just, essentially, want to convince them to leave us alone and perhaps to be a bit nicer to each other.

So why is this a surprise?

SEMPER FI said...

Freedom is a priceless treasure---and it aint free.
Hey Larry, I love reading your blog. I think your a raving idiot, but I love reading about it. I have never commented on your blog, but I will now. I hate your above quote. I also hate people like you who think you know what freedom is all about. Let me tell you something, YOU DON'T HAVE A FUCKING CLUE!!! I am a United States Marine, and I have just returned from Iraq. I have seen first hand what the cost of freedom is. How dare you pretend to know anything about freedom. You don't have any idea what it's like to be home and not have to worry about that paper bag on the side of the road blowing your legs off as you drive by. You don't get a case of the jitters if you sit at a red light for more than a few seconds. I may sound like i'm preaching, but I have earned that right. YOU HAVE NOT! So stick to talking about things you know about,like (ha,ha) karate.

LarryK4 said...

And I'm supposed to believe you because....why? Mr. Anonymous.

Tell ya what: I'll call my former karate student Rob McAllister--decorated veteran of the Iraq War--and I'm more than sure he will come to my office in South Amherst (as he only lives a mile away) and then you can show up and we will talk.

And if I can't kick your sorry ass I'm sure he can. Actually his sister Gretchen probably could (she also took karate with me).

Nitwit! (and they don't use paper bags asshole)

Anonymous said...

c'mon lk, that was well over the line. there are a lot of reasons why the marine might want to stay anon, and your response exemplifies that...physical threats...just what he is talking about.

LarryK4 said...

c'mon Bach, If he is a Marine (and I'll be you a new house in Amherst he ain't) then he's a Big Boy and should be able to handle the "threats" of this 53-year-old.

Ed said...

Larry, I don't know if he is a Marine or not, but I personally know UMass students (yes, Neil, UMASS STUDENTS) who have quietly shared similar reservations, and for good reasons.

The bag in the gutter is litter here, something to watch out for and consider to be a potential bomb there. One gets jittery at red lights because standing still in the middle of the road over there isn't an overly good idea.

No where did I see him challenging you to a fight. Facts do matter.

Ed said...

(and they don't use paper bags asshole)

Yes, Larry, they do. The principle of concealing an IED is to first CONCEAL the device. If you paint it blaze orange with "I.E.D." stenciled onto it, possibly with reflective tape on the corners and maybe even a flashing strobe light for nighttime visibility, then people aren't going to get near enough to it for it to injure anyone.

And thus the question is if the trash you see ahead is innocently blown there, or if it will kill you. Not the trash, but the explosive hidden by the trash....

Anonymous said...

Larry, maybe you had better ask Rob McAllister about the hidden IUD's before going off on the Marine. He did not challenge you, but made a statement so true to most of us that have not been to Iraq. Don't be so quick to judge, as he may be serving to protect YOU. Thank you Mr. Marine.

Until later........

LarryK4 said...

If he is a Marine then he has my thanks as well. And full support for criticizing the war that is now pretty much over.

And if he's not--just somebody with time on their hands impersonating a Marine--then he should get his ass kicked.

Anonymous said...

It is estimated that a quarter of a million to half a million veterans of the latest Iraq war will suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and severe depression. We've already had a first wave of suicides among returning veterans.

LarryK4 said...

And that is as it always has been. Good reasons to avoid war at all costs.

Anonymous said...

and a good reason to remain anon and avoid threats from a blackbelt.

isn't there a code of ethics in karate?

Anonymous said...

There is and courtesy and self-control are two of the tenents.

LarryK4 said...

Glad you boys are up on things like honor and self-sacrifice (two other tenets).

For all you know, I posted that pretending to be a Marine just to keep things, umm, what was the word ex-Townie used.... oh yeah, "titillating"

The July 4'th Parade this year had documented imposters marching with the Iraq Veterans Against The War (probably outnumbering the actual veterans); why would anyone now take seriously an Anonymous person claiming to be a Marine Iraq war veteran?

Anonymous said...

i thought anonymity was to promote an open discussion. if the anons get chastised all the time, it will only provoke their desire to be anon.

why not disable the anon comments, then only the true grits will be posting here.

LarryK4 said...

I find it kind of amusing that you (hardly an Anon) are defending the Anons.

This blog is privately owned so I can delete any comment at any time (so far, the only time I have done that is for Spam). And yes it would show up that I deleted the comment (Commenters can also change their mind after posting and remove their own comment as well)

Originally I did have the anonymous option disabled, but then Terry Franklin complained he could not post Comments at all (as did one or two other folks) so I opened it up just to keep it simple for all concerned.

Some bloggers also institute a delay so they can approve or not approve the Comments (I don't do that either)

And only the Nitwit Anons get chastised.

SEMPER FI said...

Hey Larry, they don't use paper bags huh? Well I'll tell that to my late friend and fellow marine. Oh wait, he's dead. Blown to shit by a paper bag that happened to expolde when his humvee drove over it.When the smoke cleared, I couldn't even find his dogtags. As far as coming over to your office so you can kick my ass, why don't I just come over there and shoot you in the fucking head. I have nothing to prove to you or anyone else. Oh, and about the war being over, your wrong on that as well. because guess what? I'm being redployed to, you guessed it, Iraq. So continue to practice karate. I have a feeling your going to need it. Meanwhile I have to go defend your freedom to be an asshole. By the way, your welcome.

Anonymous said...

Of course bach would defend the anons. How many identities does he have over on masslive? For all you know he was the "ex Marine."

Anonymous said...

jsdesign, niburu and genXwacker, no secret

i also posted that funny story about the 1500's, all in jest of course.

now i am a member of the nitwit club too....yeeeeehaaaawwwww !

LarryK4 said...

Well gee, Semper Fi how BIG was that "paper bag" your friend drove over?

You are so full of shit it isn't even funny. But yeah, it will probably play in Amherst (not in Peoria)

And actually, you do have "something to prove" you cowardly nitwit: Your identity as a US Marine.

Tell ya what, I'll arrange a photo shoot with the Crusty Gazette when you come to my office (that way you don't have to worry about this 53-year-old geezer kicking your sorry lying ass)

LarryK4 said...

And 'bach,
I am going to send a bill to Barry Roberts and Cinda Jones for getting you off their freakin case and on to mine.

Welcome to the Nitwit club (well deserved it seems)

SEMPER FI said...

No Larry, I don't have to prove anything. I already proved it when I earned the title of U.S. Marine. Anyway, none of this matters, I'm done wasteing any more of my time stateside talking to a pussy like you. You can rest assured though, that you will be helping me defend this country. In about a week I will be using a photograph of your face to zero my weapon. You can sleep tight tonight asshole, thanks to me.

Anonymous said...

c'mon, i'm just funnin' with ya!

just enjoying the show. no hard feelings!

Anonymous said...

Wow bach, you've got some serious issues. First pretending to be a woman as "Niburu" and now a marine? Get a life!
(no wonder barry and cinda turned you down.)

Anonymous said...

here's one for you lk

you know my story with the 250th right?

well it appears several members of the 250th exective committee made a decision on my proposal, while apparently having a strong legal conflict of interest. the project abuts the coffee shop and theater, and roberts and carol johnson have a stake in those. now read this...

2.5 Conflict of Interest Statute

2.5 Conflict of Interest Statute as It Applies to Committee Appointees (M.G.L. Chapter 268A)
2.5.1 Purpose
According to the Practical Guide to the Conflict of Interest Law for Municipal Employees published by the State Ethics Commission, the "purpose of the conflict law is to ensure that public employees' private financial interests and personal relationships do not conflict with their public obligations. The law is broadly written to prevent a public employee from becoming involved in a situation which could result in a conflict or give the appearance of a conflict.
"The law restricts what a public employee may do: (1) on the job; (2) after hours (or 'on the side'); and (3) after leaving public service."
2.5.2 Provisions
The law prohibits a variety of actions, including bribery, extra pay, receipt of gifts or privileges because of committee members' official actions, and acting as an agent or attorney for anyone in a claim against or doing business with the Town. The law prohibits all municipal employees from participating in a particular matter in which committee members or any of the following have a financial interest:
• immediate family.
• partner or business associates.
• a business organization in which the committee member serves as an officer, director, trustee, partner or employee (including a non-profit organization.)
• any person or organization with whom the committee member is negotiating or has any arrangement concerning prospective employment.
If board or committee members have a conflict of interest or an appearance of conflict in any
2 Revised March 2005
matter before the board or committee, they should not be counted in the quorum nor participate in or be present for any pertinent discussions or votes. The law provides for the legal determination of conflict of interest status for any employee submitting a request to the appointing authority or State Ethics Commission. The law also provides for continued service in certain circumstances if full disclosure is made or a special exemption is granted by the Select Board. If committee members have any questions about their activities, they should file a written request with the Town Manager. The answer to the request will be in writing and become a matter of public record.
2.5.3 Persons the Conflict of Interest Statute Governs
Municipal Employees: "The conflict law regulates the conduct of public officials and employees (referred to collectively in the law as 'employees') at the state, county and municipal levels of government. The term 'employee' at each level is defined expansively. You are considered a municipal employee if you hold any office, position, employment or membership in any municipal agency. It does not matter whether you are paid or unpaid or whether you serve full-time or part-time. People who work as consultants or on an intermittent basis are generally covered, as well. For example, unpaid members of local town or city boards or commissions are municipal employees, as are private citizens serving on a special advisory committee (emphasis added) appointed by the mayor or board of selectmen to make recommendations on a specific issue."
"Special" Municipal Employees: "'Special' municipal employee status may be assigned to certain municipal positions by a vote of the board of selectmen, board of aldermen or city council. Two sections of the conflict law apply less restrictively to special municipal employees. You are eligible to be designated as a special municipal employee provided that: (1) you are not paid; or (2) you hold a part-time position which allows you to work at another job during normal working hours; or (3) you were not paid by the city or town for more than 800 working hours (approximately 20 weeks full-time) during the preceding 365 days.
"It is the municipal position which is designated as having special status, not the individual. Therefore, all employees holding the same office or position must have the same classification as special. For instance, one member of a school committee may not be classified as a special unless all members are similarly classified."
2.5.4 Annual Classification.
Each year in July, the Select Board votes to classify as "Municipal" or "Special Municipal" all committee and board members. Under the provisions of this law, most appointed committee and board members are classified special municipal employees. Individual members should feel free to confirm their status with the appointing authority.

hmmmmm, now there is a story. johnson said it cost too much....she can raise a half million for the theater, but couldn't imagine raising a mere 50 grand for a project where literally everyone who ever came though town might be a potential donor...since it was all about the amherst academy, the KERNEL of the education history of amherst.

Anonymous said...

check the ip address and larry's live feed, i am in atlanta....hard to fake that one genius. sorry i am not the marine.

Ed said...

> It is estimated that a quarter
> of a million to half a million
> veterans of the latest Iraq war
> will suffer from Post Traumatic
> Stress Disorder and severe
> depression. We've already had a
> first wave of suicides among
> returning veterans.

Is it too much to ask for something resembling statistics comparing them to the control population -- similar in demographics, SES and gender - who didn't enlist and didn't go?

Yes it is tragic that there are suicides and such, but UMass has suicides too. Yes there are mental health issues, but then there are mental health issues in the population as a whole.

And the thing I fear is that the antiwar left will so stigmitize every veteran as a PSTD-Psycho and thus not only deny those who need help the ability to feel good about receiving it, but also destroy the veterans as a group.

There are real issues. There are real consequences to being close to blast shock waves that we frankly don't understand and will have to deal with.

And as to listening to every veteran, the man who shot JFK was a Marine Veteran....

And Levenworth exists for a reason....

LarryK4 said...

Pussy like me?

Well, heck you just said you have “about a week” before reporting back to Iraq (watch out for those paper bags-especially the really BIG ones).

I’ll be at my Club from 11 AM to 3 PM tomorrow (yeah, us pussy karate guys even work Sundays—I call it the “joys of owning your own business”).

Come on down! We can take an up-to-date photo of my face to zero your weapon. In fact, bring your weapon--so I can stick it up your sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

"No Larry, I don't have to prove anything. I already proved it when I earned the title of U.S. Marine. Anyway, none of this matters, I'm done wasteing any more of my time stateside talking to a pussy like you. You can rest assured though, that you will be helping me defend this country. In about a week I will be using a photograph of your face to zero my weapon. You can sleep tight tonight asshole, thanks to me."

F-ing liar. The paper bag crap gave you away.


And after Larry's done I'm going to kick you twice in the walnuts.



Anonymous said...

To: the geniuses, who know so much about war and its casualties and are so sure that IEDs don't come in paper bags:

Just google: improvised explosive device iraq "paper bags"

Anonymous said...

"The IED is has proven popular for guerilla tactics in Iraq. ... Various packages can also be used to deliver the bomb - from paper bags and steel pipes ..."

Anonymous said...

"Is it too much to ask for something resembling statistics comparing them to the control population -- similar in demographics, SES and gender - who didn't enlist and didn't go?"

You must have your head in the sand if you have missed this one.

CBS ‘Early Show’: Veteran Suicide Rates ‘Shockingly High ...

Suicide Epidemic Among Veterans, A CBS News Investigation Uncovers ...

Military, VA Confront Rising Suicide Rates Among Troops

Shocking New Veteran Suicide Rates

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, and dead is dead. Don't matter if from an IED or suicide.

And over the next year (now that the war is won) probably more from the latter than the former.

Anonymous said...

How do you know the war is won? Were you there? NOT!!! No this is not semper fi, but he has my respect.

LarryK4 said...

Because I read the papers--lot's of them. And if you can't trust the bricks and mortar media, who can you trust?

Speaking of which, HOW exactly do I know you're not SEMPER FI?

Anonymous said...

To the Blogger -

When people challenge your information as in this case:

To: the geniuses, who know so much about war and its casualties and are so sure that IEDs don't come in paper bags:
Just google: improvised explosive device iraq "paper bags"

Why is it that you don't admit that you messed up? Why do you perseverate with the macho threats and name-calling, rather than admitting that once again, your information was wrong?

I don't know what newspapers you read, but even Bushie admitted that Mission was not accomplished. We've won? We lost over 4,000 young people and close to a million of mostly innocent Iraquis. That's ok with you? Well... I guess they weren't liberty-loving Americans like us, so what the heck.

So.... what exactly would a loss have looked like? What an embarrassment to this great country!

And now... back to Family Circus and reruns of America's Biggest Loser for more amusement.

LarryK4 said...

Hey the anonymous, "marine" didn't show up.

If he really was a Marine he would have. End of story Nitwit.

Anonymous said...

and your nonsense about IEDs not being in paper bags???
Ready to say uncle?

LarryK4 said...

Well as I said, I swept clear all the paper bags from the hallway and stairway up to my office and the alleged "Marine" still did not show.

Anonymous said...

so we take it that the blogger has finally admitted he messed up. You googled IED, paper bags, Iraq, and discovered that you made a mistake?? What next? That bit about it not taking any energy to raise the temperature of water from eighty-something to 110 degrees?

LarryK4 said...

Of course it cost energy and hence money to RAISE the temperature of water from 86.7 to 110. But it does not cost a thing to BRING DOWN the temperature from 150 to either 86.7 or 110.

And if the alleged Marine could not even find the dog tags of his alleged fellow Marine after an IED exploded, it would have to have been hidden in a pretty BIG bag, know wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

This just in...

Suicides continue alarming rise in military

By Courtney Kube and Alex Johnson
NBC News and
January 29, 2009

WASHINGTON — Suicide rates among active-duty U.S. military personnel are continuing to rise even as the Defense Department dedicates more resources to identifying troubled service members and getting them the help they need.

At least 128 soldiers were confirmed to have killed themselves in 2008, compared with 115 in 2007, 102 in 2006 and 87 in 2005, the Army said Thursday. Last year’s figure is likely to rise even higher, because the Army is investigating at least 15 other deaths as possible suicides.

The continuing rise in Army suicides was first reported Wednesday by NBC News and, which found that the problem is reflected across the military services. Forty-one Marines committed suicides last year, up from 33 in 2007, while the Navy and the Air Force saw smaller increases, defense officials told NBC News on condition of anonymity.

LarryK4 said...

Can you (or NBC news) put it in context: What were the rates of suicide during WW11, Korea, Viet Nam, Panama and Grenada?

My guess is, they were higher in Nam.

Anonymous said...

Actually this is higher due to the repeated tours of duty.

Army suicides at all Time High

KILLEEN - A release by the Associated Press Thursday morning reported at least 128 soldiers committed suicide in 2008.

It's an alarming number the military says is partially due to never-before-seen stress with two wars and repeated, long tours of duty.

"If we have more frequent and longer deployments that will have a negative impact," Lieutenant Colonel Ben Phillips of Fort Hood said. "I think the Army's direction at this point is to reduce the length of the deployments to 15 to 12 months."

LarryK4 said...

Well I'm still a tad confused by the line: "the toll rising for a fourth straight year and even surpassing the suicide rate among comparable civilians."

Use of the words "even surpassing" (as opposed to "far surpassing") makes me wonder.