Saturday, January 17, 2009

What took them so long?

So, "I'm-here-to-help-you" Government can snatch private land by eminent domain for Schools, Fire Stations or Sewer Treatment Plants and the Supreme Court recently decided they could also take a man’s or woman’s Castle simply to promote economic development (“They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”)

But the Feds had to waste three years negotiating with a quarry company over the sacred ground where Flight 93--at an unheard of speed for a Boeing 757--came to its final resting place?

Only in America!

The AP reports


Anonymous said...

Depends on who you believe. There are some who say that Flight 93 was taken out by a missile. They say this because debris from the airplane was found 8 miles from the crash site.

Anonymous said...

An object in motion remains in motion.... Ask anyone who has ever cleaned up a car wreck about pieces that are found quite a bit downrange.

Go from 50 to 500 MPH and put it up in the air as well and it is quite likely that debris will be spread out over a fairly large area. Remember TWA-500 that was all over the place?

And if we are going to be going on about missiles, what about claiming that TWA-500 was shot down by a missile as it is harder to believe that an empty fuel tank blew up than the fact that a bunch of good-old-boys with absolutely no flying experience, after having forceably taken the controls away from terrorists and in an aircraft flying way outside of design specs (speed and altitude) lost control of it.

Oh, I understand, Bill Clinton was in charge of the TWA-500 investigation......

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, having come of age in 1972 and ever so vividly recalling the tired, stunned look on Jim McKay's face when he announced live from Munich, Germany that "they're all gone"; ever since I have been ever so aware of terrorism (my first ever Newspaper 'Letter To Editor' was published by the crusty Gazette in 1982 commemorating the 10'th anniversary of that awful day)

So when Flight 800 exploded, I too instantly assumed terrorists with a stinger missile--especially with some witnesses reporting a rapidly rising red line (something I sometimes think about when one of those Big-Old C-5A's lumbers low over the People's Republic of Amherst)

Even venerable Amherst resident Congressman John Olver weighed in citing his chemistry background seemingly supporting the missile theory (something about residue found on a recovered seat fabric possibly matching missile propellant).

But it turned out to be one of those "who would have thunk" scenarios. A freaken empty fuel tank. Damn!

And of course the History major in me knows full-well that President Roosevelt, a former Navy Assistant Secretary, flat out LOVED the fleet, and would NEVER do anything to endanger those Battlewagons (not bad for a Democrat).

Anonymous said...

Version I heard was that a stinger missile would have gone for the hot jet exhaust -- but that the spinning turbine blades would be thrown sideways into the empty tank and that could have touched off the tank.

I don't think anyone really absolutely knows for sure. The shorting wires in a hot fuel tank *could* do it, but *did* it do it? Anyone remember the battleship that misfired in the '80s and after they got done blaming it on a sailor found out that the 50-year-old powder bags were unsafe???