Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All the news...

So today's front page's of the venerable Daily Collegian and by comparison reverent Gazette demonstrate these embarrassing issues have legs.

Of course the Gazette uses a pull quote from one of their unpaid, Hampshire College professor Columnist's who led the charge to increase costs to maintain the "lunch ladies" as school employees, but now laments the increase in spending for the new Super from Florida.

Hey maybe Rodriguez will pull a Governor Patrick with his $15-K housing/transportation allowance and buy a Cadillac (one that runs on vegetable grease of course)

And it seems the Gazette goes out of their way not to mention the firestorm reverberating within the blogesphere about this outlandish payraise issue.

But at least they are paying attention. So if those pissed off women do indeed burn their property tax bills in a hibachi outside the Superintendent's office window, the Gazette will give it Front Page play (and the AP will probably pick it up as well). BUT, you will see it first on the blogesphere.

And what can you say about nitwit Umass kids who dislike what a newspaper publishes so they ban the paper from future publication and steal the current copies?

The Student Government Association should consider their image. If they want the town of Amherst to take seriously their recent concern with the 4-person unrelated housing bylaw (and they damn well should) then stop doing stupid things like violating the freakin First Amendment!


Ed said...

The struggling UMass Minueman Newspaper - the one that gets stolen - is very much looking for advertising and donations.

See the story that the SGA doesn't want seen -- how they are using student fee money for private parties.

Anonymous said...

And my favorite is the police report that mentions "liable" (rather than "libel") and "deformation of character." Worse, the officer who wrote that is a UM grad....

Anonymous said...

It gets harder and harder to understand how Mary Carey decides to approach a news story.

This time Mary opens the story by seemingly identifying with the perspective of the weary elites in town, as if there's no substance to the complaints here: "oh, here we go again, the usual moaning and complaining: we weathered it before, we'll weather it again." Perhaps Mary is weary, too, at this point?

I think that there's a difference between the Hochman episode and this one, both in terms of the specific hires involved and in terms of the fiscal contexts in which they were made, but I guess that that's just too much nuance.

I get a kick out of the utterances of two of The Incredible Sustainables, Churchill and Bertrand: Churchill claiming now that no one wants the job, so beggars can't be choosers, and Bertrand invoking the specter of ethnic bias (or at least sensitivities about same) to shut down the discussion. Just what salary level would have been too much for these folks? Would $200K have been too much for Clare and her friends? Would we have gotten a pass on the racist tag at that point?

By analogy, did anyone see the quintessentially Amherst moment at the Miss USA pageant the other night, when the judge asked the loaded question about gay marriage, and then punished the unfortunate contestant on the receiving end, Miss California, when she answered the question directly, honestly, and, for the judge, incorrectly? (with the exact same answer my candidate Barack Obama had given countless times previously)

As a supporter of gay marriage, I can't help but feel the injustice in this episode, and I can't help but notice how many times we get very close to it in the public debate in Amherst. Isn't it interesting how many people think that they can pass judgment on the souls of others?

Anonymous said...

3000-circulation newspaper calls fat girl fat.

Girl steals newspapers.

16,000-circulation newspaper runs picture of girl stealing newspapers.

Everyone sees just how fat she is.


Anonymous said...
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