Monday, December 9, 2013

Party House of the Weekend

For the second time this year Amherst Police responded to a noise complaint at 227 East Pleasant Street, only this time they handed out $300 tickets to three tenants for an expensive party total of $900.

Next time maybe they will answer the door a little quicker.  Or better yet, ensure there is no next time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Larry, thought I had heard that u will posting the owners name, in this case, I believe it's a umass professor:(

I think embarrassing the owners may encourage them to deal with their tenants a Lil more proactively


John Edwards

Larry Kelley said...

Geeze John, the address (highlighted in white) under the photo is a hotlink to the town assessor data base that has ownership information.

Anonymous said...

Wonder when the picture was taken by the assessor? (page 2)
You can really see the decline of the home since!

Anonymous said...

huh? you really think so?^