Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Not My Job


Back when I was working for United Parcel Service under the auspices of the Teamsters Union, where our hourly pay for unskilled labor was almost four times minimum wage (with full benefits), the non-Teamsters UPS foreman who were company men always said "please" and "thank you" when giving orders to us pack mules.  

Strangely enough, as simple a curtesy as it was, it actually helped to sooth the usual labor/management friction. Although when real issues arose, the fallout could be downright dangerous.

So I can see both sides of this grievance:  UMass police officers don't like being "inversed" to do work that is not spelled out in their contract, while their bosses want to ensure positive relations with the town of Amherst.

Meanwhile the hotspot areas saturated with students living off campus, don't get the full attention they deserve.  And it's the neighborhoods that will suffer.

So can we "please" figure this out before UMass comes back in session?

"Thank you!"


Anonymous said...

No they cannot. This has been brewing for A LONG time. Hire cops and firefighters. Do not depend on the resources of another.

Larry Kelley said...

Yes Amherst needs more cops and firefighters. But we're not going to get them by this Spring.

Tom McBride said...

I think the state should freight some the costs for the Amherst Police. The state continues to fund the university, and I know the legislators in Boston are doing so, knowing that their constituents will be very happy with the state university. And they're not addressing it, but I know in the back in the back of their minds they must be thinking, "Wow, what we're doing must be putting an incredible strain on the town of Amherst, but it doesn't affect me directly, so not to worry."

The Juggernaut said...

The state provides so much to Amherst already, hell, most of the town's existence to be honest. It doesn't even occupy space at the back of the rest of our minds, unless Amherst does something ridiculous such as refusing to fly the nations flag, or anything else ridiculous.

Larry Kelley said...

Or, apparently, asking a user to cover their costs.

Anonymous said...

The state's solution would be simple -- move. Abandon the crumbling Amherst buildings just like they abandoned the far more sturdy ones in Northampton.

The Juggernaut said...

A provider. How many residents in the town work at UMass? The far majority.

Larry Kelley said...

Yeah, and UMass is quite the provider as their employees always top the list of highest paid state workers.

Funded by all state taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

No Larry, the highly-paid UM employees are more funded by the students whom you despise than they are by the taxpayers.

Dr. Ed said...

Lisa Kidwell is now the Union Rep?!?!

I can't believe that she still has her badge, I know that the officer who used to be rep got promoted and presume that's why he can't do it anymore, but KIDWELL?!?!?!

We're supposed to respect a cadre of officers who are represented by her????

This is a woman whose police reports are little more than creative fiction -- something which was demonstrated nationally by both FIRE and SPLA.

I know a lot more, and I'm not the only one. Good heavens -- is she the best they can find to represent them?