Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Then There Were None

12/24/13 Kendrick Park

As always seems to be the case the Boy Scouts sold the last of their Christmas trees, just as we head into the day.

And all is right with the world, even in Amherst.


Dr. Ed said...

To the person who wished me a "Merry Christmas", even if in sarcasm, I do thank you.

For what it's worth, remember when there used to be a Christmas tree on the lawn by the UM Campus Pond -- back in the late '90's and early 00's?

That was me.

Anonymous said...

Ed the only thing that was you, is the make believe in your little mind. Find some other place to spread your fantasy.

Dr. Ed said...

Umm, do you have any idea how much bureaucracy was involved? That, I assure you, was not in my mind.

Likewise, do you have any idea how much a 20 foot tree *weighs* and thus the, well, engineering job it is to get it up (without anyone getting hurt) and then not having it fall over?

Do you even have any idea what's involved in wiring a tree that's drawing more electricity than a small house?

Or the amount of physical labor in dismantling and removing a tree that (some years) was now some distance from where you could park a vehicle because of that white frozen granular stuff we call "global warming"?

Yes. my mind was *on* a lot of stuff doing that, but I assure you it wasn't only *in* my mind. Yes, a lot of people helped -- and they are very much appreciated -- but I did this and it really happened.

Facts matter, damn it, and I'll leave it at that.

Dr. Ed said...

I'm going to say this too -- the Jones Family deserves credit for supplying these trees to the Scouts. That's a decent thing that they don't advertise -- but should.