Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Select Board Contest Gets Interesting

Town Clerk's Tally Sheet 

So now we have four Amherst citizens who have "taken out papers" for Amherst Select Board, which has two seats (out of five) up for grabs at the March 25 annual election, as both incumbents decided to retire.

Because two seats are open voters get to vote twice -- but, obviously, not for one candidate.  So it's not a Chicago Boss Hog kind of thing; just a normal, legal Amherst way of dealing with multi-player positions like Select Board, where all five combined equal a Mayor.  Sort of.

The two latest entries are Helen Berg and Yeshaq Warren.  Ms Berg filed a warrant article for Amherst Town Meeting last spring to fund extra PVTA bus runs to the Survival Center on Sunderland Road, which was defeated.  Other than that, no extensive public service experience in town. 

Yeshaq Warren took out papers five years ago for Select Board but never handed them in because as he commented on my post at the time:  "I was just incarcerated so I could not turn them in."  Um, yeah, now there's a Hell of an excuse.

And only two years ago APD arrested Yeshaq Warren for "assaulting a pregnant woman."  So maybe he figures Amherst Select Board members, in addition to their whopping $300 annual pay, also get a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card. 

Candidates have until February 4th to return their papers with the signatures of 50 registered voters. 


Anonymous said...

A vote for Yeshaq Warren is a vote against Helen Berg. Remember that!

Larry Kelley said...

Now there's a campaign slogan.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, but not that much more interesting.

This cake is baked.

Whenever you're feeling dissatisfied, just say to yourself, "Remember the Awad era" and the feeling will quickly pass.

Tom McBride said...

Does anybody know what Kruger would bring to the table?

Anonymous said...

No pro-student candidate for school committee????

Larry Kelley said...


What You See Is What You Get.

Yeah, that'll be the day said...

Because we elect him, he will become

completely rehabilitated.

By our very selves' example


We, are that powerful.

Anonymous said...

Isn't 54 Stanley Street exempt from property taxes? Just sayin'.....