Thursday, December 5, 2013

Northampton Fire

NFD Ladder truck

Northampton Fire Department knocked down a blaze in less than an hour at an industrial building on the outskirts of city center heading towards Easthampton early this foggy afternoon.

AFD Engine 1 and Assistance Fire Chief Lindsay Stromgren were also on scene providing mutual aid assistance.

AFD Engine 1, Assistant Chief's car on scene

Regular ladder comes in handy as well

NFD huddle
L-o-n-g way to the nearest fire hydrant

MassLive reports


Anonymous said...

about how far was the hydrant from the fire do you have any idea?...just out of curiosity

Larry Kelley said...

At least 150 yards.

Dr. Ed said...

It strikes me that someone in Northampton City Govt messed up permitting an industrial building to be located -- and in business -- that far from a hydrant.

They either ought not to have let it be built there (i.e. not issued the permit), installed a hydrant because the building was there (I presume there is a water main going to it), or have required the builder to put one in.

Industrial buildings (depending on the type of industry) do catch on fire and I'd think that everyone including the company's insurance carrier would have been concerned about this...

Just sayin....